C California Style

CAPE SEAFOOD AND PROVISIONS’ New Zealand Tai snapper. PHOTO: Pornchai Mittongtare.

Net Gain

by C California Style

“By making sustainable choices for the restaurants and the fish market, we are in a small way helping to focus the public’s opinion on an issue that affects us all,”

says Michael Cimarusti, co-owner and executive chef of Los Angeles’ illustrious Providence and the New England clam shack-inspired Connie & Ted’s. “We have grossly over-exploited our wild fisheries in the last century. It is no longer an option to ignore this fact.” Taking matters into his own hands, the longtime fisherman is charting new waters as a partner in Cape Seafood and Provisions, a sustainable fish shop and grocery store. Located in the former home of beloved butchers Lindy & Grundy, Cimarusti’s latest venture brings many of the distinct seafood and gourmet offerings found in his culinary ventures into a retail setting, from wild loup de mer, line-caught on the Atlantic coast of France, to seasonal truffles, and a weekly rotating selection of fish primarily sourced from California. “If you don’t see what you want when you walk in, just ask. In most cases, we will have the ingredients available in 48 hours. Special orders do not upset us,” Cimarusti says. Consider us already hooked. 801 N. Fairfax Ave., L.A., 323-556-2525; cape-seafood.com.

Written and edited by LESLEY McKENZIE.