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Napa Valley’s Windmill Hill.
Dante and Carlo Mondavi in the vineyard.
The Sonoma Coast.
RAEN co-founder Carlo Mondavi surveys the Sonoma Coast landscape, home to the label’s three Pinot Noirs.

RAEN Makers

by C California Style

Living up to their family’s deep-rooted wine legacy, brothers Carlo and Dante Mondavi release the inaugural vintage from their highly anticipated new label.

Winemaking is in Carlo and Dante Mondavi’s DNA—their late grandfather, Robert Mondavi, was the driving force behind Napa Valley’s rise to prominence. With their father Tim’s winery, Continuum, atop Pritchard Hill, a new generation of Mondavis has been handed the baton as the brothers’ Sonoma Coast Pinot Noir, RAEN (which stands for research, agriculture, enology, naturally), debuts its 2013 vintage this fall. “Our grandfather always told us to follow our dreams. Ever since we first started to learn about wine, Pinot Noir has been our favorite. It is the most diverse, mysterious, the most difficult to grow and craft, but also the most incredible,” explains Carlo of their decision to create three Pinot Noirs (Fort Ross-Seaview, Occidental, Sonoma Coast), as unique as the regions in which they were grown. “My brother and I have felt for nearly a decade now that the true Sonoma Coast is one of the world’s finest Pinot Noir regions,” says Carlo. “We love what we do and are willing to be patient. There is no doubt that making Pinot Noir on the true Sonoma Coast is exciting.” raenwinery.com.

Written and edited by Lesley McKenzie.