C California Style

She’s Crafty

by C California Style

Funmakers founder Sabi Khalsa’s bespoke cocktails are the toast of the town.

C-SW-MENUSK-01_R2_1000x1338What started out as a hobby entertaining friends has turned into a career inventing cocktails for Los Angeles-based Sabi Khalsa, founder of the recently debuted mixology service Funmakers. “I have always loved cooking and entertaining, and at the suggestion of a friend, I started hiring out my services—making specialty cocktails for private parties,” says Khalsa, who worked as a marriage and family therapist before finding her current calling. Drawing upon palate-influencing years spent at boarding school in India, the Washington, D.C. native packs her libations with flavor (think florals such as rose and hibiscus for spring), using California-grown ingredients when possible, sourced from farmers markets or foraged locally. After considering her clients’ event themes, taste preferences and aesthetics, Khalsa whips up a selection of show-stealing tipples, unique to each occasion. But it’s not just her bespoke creations that have garnered Khalsa a fan base: The bar also takes center stage, artfully arranged with fruits and herbs, and helmed by Khalsa and her handpicked team. “We all dress according to the nature of the party, [and] enjoy talking to guests and having a good time,” Khalsa says. “Our motto is, ‘We party with you.’” thecocktailcook.com.

Photographed by Sally Peterson.