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by C California Style

L.A.-based nutritionist/private chef Tara Sowlaty, 24, and art therapist/yoga teacher Jessie Groveman, 27, have launched How You Glow, a stylish holistic-living website featuring everything from house calls with Barrett Prendergast to Pamela Salzman’s recipe for cauliflower-crust pizza.

Tara Sowlaty, Jessie Groveman.

Tara Sowlaty, Jessie Groveman.

ON YOUR BOOKSHELVES Ottolenghi’s cookbooks, The Smitten Kitchen Cookbook and The I Love to Cook Book by Lauren Groveman (Jessie’s mom).

IN YOUR CUPBOARDS Manuka Honey, Spicely Organics, Dr. Bronner’s coconut oil, Almond Milk LA and Bellocq tea.

STAPLES Full-fat, whole-grain foods. Roasted chicken, oven-baked sweet potato fries, hummus, homemade granola, fruits, kale, seaweed salad, almond butter, prunes and figs, and coconut water! We love our green smoothie bowls but still indulge in our favorite tacos. howyouglow.com.

Written and edited by Alison Clare Steingold.
PHOTO: Emily Knecht.