C California Style

FOODSTIRS co-founders Galit Laibow and Sarah Michelle Gellar.

Stir It Up

by C California Style

When Sarah Michelle Gellar’s two children showed a particular interest in baking, the actor was surprised to find that the products on the shelves did not match their enthusiasm—

they were filled with terrible ingredients. So, she got together with her best friend and fellow mother Galit Laibow, and launched Foodstirs (foodstirs.com), a collection of USDA organic, GMO-free baking kits and mixes. Here, the Westsider shares a few of her favorite spots around L.A. • Farmshop I love the farmers eggs and mushrooms and their bacon cheddar scones for brunch. 225 26th St., Ste. 25, S.M., 310-566-2400; farmshopca.com. • Grace Home Furnishings For a small store they carry such a wide and eclectic stock of furnishings and if they don’t have [what you’re looking for], I guarantee they have someone who can make it. 11632 Barrington Ct., L.A., 310-476-7176; gracehomefurnishings.com. • Mier Gallery Owner Nino Mier always finds the greatest artists. Sean Duffy, Nicole Eisenman, Ryan Mosley and Jan-Ole Schiemann are just a few of the artists we have purchased with Nino. 1107 Greenacre Ave., L.A., 323-498-5957; miergallery.com.

Written by Sarah St. Lifer, Jessica Ritz and Kiki Georgiou.