C California Style

Inside the cafe.

Wake Up & Smell the Flowers

by C California Style

High-art floral studio Bloom & Plume flourishes with a new coffee shop in L.A.’s Historic Filipinotown

Photography by KATE BERRY


Maurice Harris is waking up the east side of Los Angeles. Harris, the visionary behind high-art floral boutique Bloom & Plume, has opened a coffee shop by the same name next door to his studio in Historic Filipinotown. “Flowers are a straight-up luxury,” says Harris, whose work is sought out by bold-faced names and next-level event planners. “Coffee is still a luxury,” he adds. “But it’s a luxury most of us allow ourselves to afford.” Harris partnered with his brother, Moses, on the cafe concept in 2014, and after facing several hurdles, it finally opened in late February. To take his signature brand of #naturalopulence from flowers to a physical space, Harris mixed textures, including dyed concrete and quartzite, with vibrant, saturated hues like Yves-Klein-blue-meets-jacaranda-purple, emerald forest green and plenty of gold. “I wanted it to feel like a diverse space immediately when you walk in,” Harris says. “And that diversity translates to all other aspects of the business.” On any given morning, a mix of longtime residents and newer neighbors can be found out front perched on neon peach chairs, enjoying Deacon Herb egg sandwiches with their honey oat milk lattes. With any drink, there’s an option to “make it black” with activated charcoal. “The coffee industry is a white male-dominated industry,” Harris says. “And I wanted to literally put color on it.” 1638 W. Temple St., L.A.; bloomandplumecoffee.com.