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C Girl: Clara Mamet

by C California Style

Unlike most teenagers, Clara Mamet has already written and directed her first film (this past February), Two-Bit Waltz, starring William H. Macy.

Creative ambition runs in the family: Mamet’s father is Pulitzer-winning playwright David Mamet, and her older half-sister, Zosia, is an actress on “Girls.” STYLE I like Birkenstocks and wearing my hair like Minnie Mouse. DIRECTOR Sidney Lumet, if for nothing other than his staying power. INSPIRATION Virtually none. I hate anything that’s good, as I’m a deeply jealous, off-balanced sort of person. HIDDEN TALENT I’m very good at untangling knots. FAVORITE RESTAURANT Hop Li Seafood in Santa Monica. CALIFORNIA My favorite thing about California is probably the L.A. River.