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Aras Baskauskas at their wedding in Tulum, Mexico. PHOTO: Shawn Hanna and Carly Foulkes.
Bridesmaids in the Lira, $240, and Myla, $250, dresses. PHOTO: Shawn Hanna and Carly Foulkes.
Christy wears the Athena dress, $980. PHOTO: Shawn Hanna and Carly Foulkes.
Autumn dress, $270. PHOTO: Shawn Hanna and Carly Foulkes.

Change of a Dress

by C California Style

Venice-based designer Christy Dawn talks marriage and launching her new bridal line.

What inspired you to design bridal dresses? I was getting married and there were no dresses out there that really knocked my socks off, so I decided I’d design my own. Describe your personal style. I always like to feel comfortable in whatever I’m wearing. That’s why I love a dress so much: It’s a cute, comfortable look without having to put together an outfit! How does your aesthetic translate to your bridal line? I’d like to think that every dress I’ve designed is a reflection of my personal style. I refuse to design something that I wouldn’t wear myself. I know that means I might be cutting myself off from a huge part of the market, but I can’t get behind releasing a dress that I’m not 100-percent excited about. Any fashion tips for future brides who are overwhelmed by the options out there? The best advice I can give is to take time to find the dress that’s right for you. If you only have one day, it’s a lot of pressure and you might find yourself settling. Most brides have friends with multiple shapes and styles. Any tips on making all your bridesmaids happy? Rather than try to fit each of my bridesmaids into a specific shape and style, I designed dresses for each bridesmaid individually. I wanted my girls to feel comfortable and beautiful without pressuring them to wear something that wasn’t right. But with three different styles, the challenge became finding a unifying thread for a cohesive aesthetic. To that degree, I had all of the bridesmaids dresses made in the same colorway and fabric. The result was happy bridesmaids and a happy bride! What was your favorite moment from your own wedding? Having our son, River, there to witness our commitment to each other was very special. shopchristydawn.com.