C California Style

From left: ELIE TOP’s Double Pluton ring, $13,125, Octagonal brooch on a silver chain, $21,825, Rectangle ring, $7,665, and Pluton bracelet, $12,140. PHOTO: Thomas Lagrange.

Cosmic Force

by C California Style

Famed jewelry designer Elie Top​—​best known for his work for Lanvin under Alber Elbaz—

has started his own line with inaugural collection Mécaniques Célestes. The pieces, described as each its own galaxy, feature semiprecious stones, gold and aged silver, and mechanical components that open to reveal a centerpiece of interlocking spheres made of pavé diamonds that is out of this world. Maxfield, 8825 Melrose Ave., L.A., 310-274-8800; elietop.com. • SCHUYLER BAILEY

Edited by Alison Edmond.