C California Style

1. IAN DAVENPORT medium Lady Dior bag, $5,700.
2. JASON MARTIN medium Lady Dior bag, $5,900.
3. DANIEL GORDON small Lady Dior bag, $4,700.
5. MARC QUINN medium Lady Dior bag, $5,800.
4. MATTHEW PORTER medium Lady Dior bag, $5,700.
6. MAT COLLISHAW medium Lady Dior bag, $4,900.
7. CHRIS MARTIN small Lady Dior bag, $4,700.

Luck be a Lady

by C California Style

The DIOR hallmark gets an artistic makeover.

Since its inception in 1995, Dior’s Lady Dior bag has become a star on the accessory scene. With its classic shape and architectural handle, it’s also ripe for reinterpretation. The French fashion house recently invited London-based contemporary artist Marc Quinn to reimagine the bag as a tribute to Dior’s new Bond Street store opening in London, which ultimately paved the way for the Dior Lady Art project. This December, the story continues with seven British and American artists, each given creative carte blanche for artistic expressions, with many transposing their own signature motifs to the purse and a range of other small accessories.

Designs range from sculptural—Jason Martin’s monochromatic creations look like feminine forms of rippling metal—to photographic, such as Quinn’s Technicolor orchids and a high-definition print of Mat Collishaw’s striking butterfly wings against glazed black leather. Painter Ian Davenport imagined his series, Colorfall, as an amorphous rainbow in metallic leather, while artist Chris Martin brought his signature, graffiti-like painting style to the project. Daniel Gordon played on Dior’s cannage motif with various black and white sequins, embroidered leather and inlaid mink, while fellow New York-based creative Matthew Porter chose to immortalize his version with the streets of Los Angeles in a black, white, red and yellow photographic montage, pairing a palm-lined street scene with a shrunken model car suspended in midair (recalling the chase scene in Bullitt). All in all, the results are a graphic, textural display that transforms Lady Dior’s refined profile into contemporary statement pieces with artistic edge. 

The limited-edition collection is being unveiled in L.A. exclusively at a pop-up boutique on Rodeo Drive from December 1 through March 2017, before continuing on to London, China, Dubai and Paris. $360-$11,500, 201 N. Rodeo Dr., B.H.; dior.com. 

Photography courtesy of DIOR.