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Jacquie Aiche and her children. PHOTO: Whitney Bell.
Mara Carrizo Scalise at home with her son and daughter. PHOTO: Robert Bryant, RobertCBryant.com.
Jennifer Fisher and her family in Los Angeles.

Mother Knows Best

by C California Style

Three jewelry designers reflect on the perks of parenting.

Mara Carrizo Scalise

Each handcrafted piece Scalise designs incorporates two strong forces in her life: spirituality and positivity. After launching a fashion line in her native Argentina, Scalise became a fashion stylist in New York, and then moved to Laurel Canyon, where the mother of two now creates her jewelry and leather goods, imbued with her signature edgy, cool, yet timeless look.

WORDS OF WISDOM Be patient and enjoy the moment. Life is so beautiful and precious—make time to enjoy it with your kids. FAVORITE ACTIVITY WITH KIDS Going to the beaches of Malibu. PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT My B Horn pendant necklace with diamonds. It’s meant to be a protection charm.

Jennifer Fisher

A Santa Barbara native, Fisher started her company after the birth of her first child when she couldn’t find a piece of jewelry that both spelled his name and reflected her own personal style. Four thousand charms and another child later, her namesake brand includes fine jewelry and bold brass fashion pieces, and has a loyal fan base including Cameron Diaz, Rihanna and Naomi Watts. Fisher currently lives in New York City.

WORDS OF WISDOM From my mother-in-law: “If they are quiet leave them alone.” It’s true—I catch myself asking my kids if they need something a certain way and they are actually fine and don’t need the doting. FAVORITE ACTIVITY WITH KIDS Gardening at my dad’s house in Santa Barbara (we planted pumpkins for Halloween on our last trip). PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT Always a charm necklace to represent your kids and family! Or a burnished diamond cuff with the kids’ names, monogram nickname or birth dates.

Jacquie Aiche

Raised in the Hollywood Hills, Aiche’s Egyptian and American heritage informs her eponymous jewelry line, which mixes gemstones with organic fossils, amulets, relics and hammered gold. Her body chains and finger bracelets are stylist favorites. Aiche now calls Beverly Hills home with her husband and two children.   

WORDS OF WISDOM You get what you give. FAVORITE ACTIVITY WITH KIDS Our Sunday morning brunch ritual. Each Sunday is a different menu and everybody pitches in to help. We all look forward to it each week; we’re creating a family tradition. PERFECT MOTHER’S DAY GIFT The Daisy ring is one of my favorite pieces this season. The pink tourmalines are so fresh and feminine.

Written by Heather Severs.