C California Style

Crantelle in her home office wearing a Bottega Veneta sweater, Sandro shorts and Maiyet sandals.
Lagerfeld’s “surfers” in Biarritz.
Strolling Venice wearing a Chanel jacket, Cerre top and pants, Maison Michel hat and Jimmy Choo heels.
Putting on a record in the living room.
Crantelle in her backyard wearing a Brunello Cucinelli shirt.
A few prized pairs.
In her closet wearing a Chanel dress, Maiyet belt and bangle.
A Chanel clutch.
Crantelle’s mother, a naturopath, painted the Japanese calligraphy.

Ouest Coast Girl

by C California Style

Jordane Crantelle, Chanel’s glamorous golden girl, lives out her American dream.

As much as Jordane Crantelle exudes Parisian it-girl cool (Chanel bags, chocolate croissants and French-tinged English), the model turned PR doyenne is at once a sun-kissed, blond-tressed, laid-back Cali-girl. It was, in fact, that storied French brand that brought Crantelle to the West Coast—she’s done PR for Chanel for the past 10 years after an introduction from a photographer led to an internship. She’s responsible for special projects around the world, from finding celebrity ambassadors in Asia to partnering with artisans like Maison Michel and Barrie Knitwear. Last year, knowing her affinity for the city (she had been visiting two or three times every year for the past 10 years), the company asked if she would like to spend more time in the L.A. office. “I said, ‘Oui, definitely!’ I moved out here a month later, found a house in four days and was like, ‘I’m not going anywhere else…ever.’ I loved it immediately.”

The sun-filled bungalow on the edge of Venice is a reflection of Crantelle’s uncomplicated realness—she’s someone who responds to quality but doesn’t fuss over the nuances of matching place settings. Trunks and trunks of clothing (a lot of Chanel), records (her friend Cat Power is a favorite), Japanese calligraphy paintings from her mother and original photography from Karl Lagerfeld were shipped. In the living room is Lagerfeld’s photograph of models in classic tweed skirt suits holding Chanel longboards in Biarritz. “I said, ‘If I am going to bring one thing to California, this is it.’ I’m creative; I love film, art, poetry. This is the reason I went into PR. I realized this was a place where I could meet and have relationships with really amazing artists.”

To that end, she’s also set up a home office, where she’s launching a full-scale creative agency. In addition to Chanel, clients include the luxury swimwear brand Eres, Esteban Cortazar, Maiyet and Twins for Peace. The latter, a one-for-one sneaker business founded by seventh-generation Hermès brothers Maxime and Alexandre Mussard, “is like the Toms of France. I feel like fashion should be more socially conscious,” she says, like a true Angeleno, adding, “I want to have a production arm of my company too. I would love, for example, to direct a short movie.” Pourquoi pas?

By Kelsey McKinnon.
Photographed by Jessica Sample.
Fashion Editor: Annina Mislin.