C California Style

Newlyweds Daphne Javitch and Pali Xisto Cornelsen.

Perfect Ten

by C California Style

TEN Undies designer Daphne Javitch dishes on her own wedding-day style.

Who made your dress? My dress was custom-made by Bill Bull (Vogue’s dressmaker/tailor). We would put the dress on for two minutes and then spend an hour gabbing about ’90s editorial.

How did your personal style translate into your dress choice? My dress was completely aligned with my (dream) personal style—minimal, timeless, easy and elegant.

What type of undergarments did you wear? I almost went without but was a little nervous about flash photography so I wore a seamless nude thong.

Do you have any undergarment tips for the big day? It depends on the dress, but the TEN bikini would be a cute “something blue.”

What is your stance on the garter belt? I don’t have one, and my husband just asked what a garter belt is.

What would be your fantasy honeymoon lingerie set? I spent more time packing lingerie for my honeymoon than clothes! I’m all about a pretty nightgown. That, or a vintage tee with cotton undies. tenundies.com.

Written by Annina Mislin.
PHOTO: Rachel Schwarz.