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Photo Finish: Callie Hernandez

by C California Style


Callie Hernandez is good at keeping secrets—she’s had a lot of practice, taking on parts in high-profile, closely guarded projects such as May’s Alien: Covenant, the Ridley Scott-directed sequel to his 2012 sci-fi thriller Prometheus. “I can’t even tell my mother anything,” the actor insists, declining to discuss her role in the film that stars Michael Fassbender, James Franco and Katherine Waterston. Hernandez is newly accustomed to working with A-listers, after starring alongside Emma Stone and Ryan Gosling in the Oscar-winning musical La La Land. “I was always inclined to perform in one way or another,” says the former cellist. Once she committed to becoming an actor, “it was all I could dream about,” she adds—a focused mindset that helped her make it through her early days of sleeping on friends’ couches while pursuing a career in New York. Her luck changed upon moving to L.A. in 2014, and things haven’t slowed down since. Case in point: The Los Feliz resident is currently shooting season two of Epix’s comedy series Graves with Nick Nolte; her sci-fi thriller The Endless debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival in April; and she recently wrapped David Robert Mitchell’s Under the Silver Lake with Andrew Garfield. “It’s a Californian neo-noir thriller,” she adds. “I think I can say that.”

Photography by  J.R. MANKOFF.

This article originally appeared in the May 2017 issue of C Magazine.