C California Style

MICHELLE KINGDOM’s hand embroidery on linen: What is done cannot be undone .
MICHELLE KINGDOM’s hand embroidery on linen: The world would continue without us, 2015.

Point Break

by C California Style

“I love costumes, I love beautiful textiles. It’s just fundamental to the fiber of my being,”

says self-taught embroidery artist and teacher Michelle Kingdom. The Burbank-based former fashion designer began sewing small tapestries decades ago, eventually spinning her hobby into a secondary career over the last two years. Kingdom’s latest collection of women-focused works explores themes of relationships, domesticity and identity. Her fall solo show will hold court all of October at Bergamot Station’s bG Gallery. 2525 Michigan Ave., S.M., 310-906-4211; michellekingdom.com; @michelle.kingdom.

Photography by MICHELLE KINGDOM.