C California Style

Street Smarts

by C California Style

At age 15, Fif Ghobadian fled Iran during its revolution for California with her family, and became all-too-familiar with the process of acclimating to a new culture, language and way of life.

Now, the entrepreneur is channeling her experience into a new line of socially conscious premium tees made in S.F. and L.A., and created with co-founder and stylist Alice Cahan. Named after the highway that leads out of Chowchilla, the site of California’s largest female correctional institution, Road Twenty-Two employs parolees through organizations like America Works to sew samples and screen-print the line—putting ex-cons on their own path to freedom in the process. roadtwentytwo.com.

Written by Melissa Goldstein, Lindsay Kindelon and Lesley McKenzie.
PHOTO: Sean Murphy.