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Backstage at the Fall 2015 show. PHOTO: Courtesy of Hugo Boss.
Designer Jason Wu. PHOTO: Courtesy of Hugo Boss.

The Boss Man

by C California Style

C caught up with the artistic director of Boss Womenswear for a chat about the new Bespoke bag.


What is your vision for Boss?
My aim was, and still is, to build a strong, new, contemporary identity for Boss Womenswear, with all the precision and tailoring expertise of the menswear, but with an incredible sense of femininity underpinning everything.
What inspired the new Bespoke bag’s design? You’ll see lots of the textiles from the Boss Womenswear show in the Boss Bespoke bags—the gray and vermillion felted wool from Fall/Winter, for instance. The Boss Bespoke bag has a strong link to the fashion we put down the runway. It’s a 360-degree vision.
What’s in the brand’s future?
My work at Boss is about contrasts, about the attraction of opposites—masculine and feminine, or the contrast of the European aesthetic of Hugo Boss with the influences of New York. I feel like I’m injecting a contemporary viewpoint, a distinct fashion aesthetic, and an understanding of modern luxury and femininity. The company is 90-plus years old and almost 80 of those years didn’t involve womenswear. My role here is to interpret the distinct Boss DNA and make it feel relevant both for the house, and for a new generation of women. 414 N. Rodeo Dr., B.H., 310-859-2888; hugoboss.com.

Wu’s C List

Hotel Mr. C Beverly Hills.
Restaurants Mr Chow, Little Next Door.
Stops in L.A. Mameg and Maxfield for shopping, LACMA and the Hammer Museum for culture and Giorgio Baldi if I am there on a Saturday night.
Favorite Golden State designer  Eric Buterbaugh for his outrageously sophisticated florals.
If you could live in California, what area would you choose? Santa Monica Canyon.

Written by Lindsay Kindelon, Kathryn Romeyn and Heather Severs.