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The Santa Monica stairs. PHOTO: Keely Wold and Sarah Link.
Suzanne Hall. PHOTO: Cortnee Loren Brown.
Chalkboard’s recent guest editor, Lily Aldridge. PHOTO: Michael Stewart/Corbis.

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by C California Style

Suzanne Hall, Editorial Director.

Beauty musts for your gym bag? Klorane’s dry shampoo, Onomie’s Bright Concealing Elixir and CV Skinlabs’ Rescue + Relief Spray. Originally designed for chemo patients, it’s like a nourishing water and perfect for protecting when you don’t want a rich layer on your skin—like after a good sweat.

Tips for flawless autumn skin? Self-care at the change of seasons is crucial for optimal health. Juice cleanse or eat vegan for a few days when summer feels like it’s ending. You might just avoid the typical seasonal cold and flu, and you’ll see a glow in your complexion.

Current workout of choice? Infrared sauna. Burn calories and detox while watching Netflix. Yes, it’s a real thing.

Superfood having a moment? Fermented foods, from sauerkraut to coconut kefir. They’re great for digestion, which is key for clear, glowy skin.

Secret for faking a good night’s sleep? Ginger juice shots. Pressed Juicery’s new Wellness Shot with ginger, cayenne and lemon is anti-inflammatory, boosting circulation and immunity.

Preferred juice for fall? Green Mylk. Green juices spiked with nut milk are rich in nutrition and taste; they’re so good you might be able to forgo the latte. The fats from the nuts help the body to better absorb all the nutrients.

Who is your beauty muse this season? Our recent guest editor, Lily Aldridge. Her look is the perfect balance of carefree and cared‑for. And Jessica Alba: Her new natural line, Honest Beauty [launching this fall], is going to be a game-changer.

Beauty trick you just uncovered?

The Chinese jade face roller for facial acupressure to depuff eyes and stimulate blood flow throughout your face and chest for a healthy flush. Also, aromatherapy at work: I have an amazing USB oil diffuser that plugs right into my laptop. I use it with a de-stressing essential oil. Less tension equals less wrinkles.

Best place to get your fitness fix?

The Santa Monica stairs. Climb, then run the gorgeous Palisades Park above or the beach below. It doesn’t get much better. thechalkboardmag.com.