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Asymmetrical blouse, $1,290.
Bow-sleeve blouse, $1,090.
Blouse with pearl ball trim, $1,290.
Carolina Herrera.

White Out

by C California Style

Carolina Herrera’s crisp new take on the piece that has become her personal style signature

Carolina Herrera.

The late Interview editor Ingrid Sischy counted Andy Warhol’s screen prints of Carolina Herrera among his best: “You really feel like he paid attention to the portraits of Carolina with the amount of paint he used, the colors he chose and the care to detail,” Sischy wrote in a 2004 volume by Alexandra Kotur devoted to the Venezuelan-born fashion designer. Similarly, Herrera herself has worked to perfect one particular subject over the years: the white shirt.

Now, for her Fall 2017 collection, she has again found herself poring over the details of the crisp cotton wardrobe mainstay to whip up fresh new designs. Headlining is a button-down with a Peter Pan collar outlined by intricate white embroidery. “I’ve worn white shirts since I was very young,” says Herrera. “I started with the Peter Pan collar with my uniform from school,” she adds. Since then, Herrera says she’s donned a plethora of styles, and includes a one-shoulder interpretation and a top encircled with a delicate built-in capelet among her latest offerings. The new designs will join the pantheon of blouses Herrera’s worn over the years for everything from horseback riding and tennis to evening galas. “A white shirt is my security blanket—it works for every occasion in my life!” she confesses. 226 N. Rodeo Dr., B.H., 310-288-2100; carolinaherrera.com.

Photography courtesy of CAROLINA HERRERA.


This article originally appeared in the November 2017 issue of C Magazine.