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Wild Flower

by C California Style

The ever-loveable Drew Barrymore embraces many new beginnings

The other day, Drew Barrymore and art advisor Will Kopelman, her husband of nearly a year, were trying to figure out what to do about the dining room in their Hollywood Hills home.

“I told him, ‘Dining rooms are stupid. They shouldn’t exist. When was the last time we had a dinner party?’” Barrymore recalls. “I wish we were those people who threw seasonal cocktail parties for our friends—‘he owns a coffee place in Brooklyn and she works as a stylist.’ But we will never be that couple.’”

When Kopelman suggested they use the room for—ahem—actual family meals, Barrymore says she burst into tears. “Family dinners would never have occurred to me, and that’s what I want most,” she says. “Now it’s my life mission to figure out this room.”

At 38, Barrymore finally has what she’s always wanted: a family of her own. Kopelman, 36 this July, comes from a distinguished, tight-knit New York clan (mother Coco, is a philanthropist, father Arie is the former Chanel CEO and sister Jill Kargman is an accomplished novelist). They’re all in love with the newlyweds and their baby, Olive, born last September.

“I won the in-laws jackpot,” says Barrymore. “It might be the best karma for having one of the wackiest upbringings. I never had dinner with my mom or dad, let alone together.”

Of course, the granddaughter of legendary actor John Barrymore was only seven years old when she skyrocketed to mega-fame as the adorable little girl in E.T. And from there, well, she grew up very quickly.

“It’s amazing to think that in life you can completely have a do-over,” Barrymore says.

Besides becoming a happy wife and mother, in the last year, Barrymore launched a wine label (Barrymore) and a makeup line (Flower). She’s still a big Hollywood star on both sides of the camera; her 18-year-old production company, Flower Films, has produced movies including Donnie Darko, Charlie’s Angels and He’s Just Not That Into You.

She’s about to start shooting a yet-untitled Warner Bros. romantic comedy in Africa that will reunite her with Adam Sandler (50 First Dates, The Wedding Singer). With profits from her various endeavors, she’s also building a teaching academy in Africa as part of her Ambassadorship with the United Nations World Food Program. “I like creativity and I like business,” she adds.

While she hates a moment away from her baby, one of the reasons why Barrymore is dedicated to growing her makeup line is to give Olive something other than a Hollywood legacy.

“I would love nothing more than to be someone who has a good influence on her and to be able to pass along a company to her one day,” says Barrymore.

It could be a big job. Since launching exclusively at Walmart in January, Flower cosmetics has exceeded initial projections. The products are custom-formulated with the same ingredients used in luxury makeup but sold at affordable prices because the company doesn’t advertise. Their business model allows for a quick development to shelf cycle. An expanded line will debut this fall.

“When we see that green is trending from the Paris shows, we can respond to that before anyone else,” says Chris Miller, co-president of the company. “Drew is involved in absolutely everything,” he adds.

Barrymore has plenty of experience with cosmetics. “I was always experimenting and curious about makeup,” she says. “I would go to concerts and paint my face crazy and happy and fun, and I’d pretend to be someone more conservative and glamorous on the red carpet.” Besides sitting in the cosmetics chair for countless shoots, she was a co-creative director of Cover Girl and the brand’s spokeswoman for five years. Moreover, she counts Revlon’s global artistic director Gucci Westman and Stila founder Jeanine Lobell as close friends and inspirations.

If Olive joins the family business, Barrymore hopes that day will be far in the future. “I want her to be a kid for as long as possible,” she says. (Barrymore appeared in commercials before her first birthday.) For now, she seems content with plans to take Olive for plenty of hikes and to beaches along California’s coast. Maybe they’ll even sit down for family dinners in the dining room. Barrymore insists she’s not much of a cook, but she really knows how to assemble a great cheese plate. And, she’ll be pouring her own Pinot Grigio. The label says “Barrymore.” The company motto: “From our family to yours.”

By Deborah Schoeneman
Photographed by Diego Uchitel
Fashion Editor: Jessica de Ruiter