C California Style

Sunrise over the Acropolis in Athens.
A stopover in Mérida, Tulum’s less touristy neighbor.
Hong Kong’s Tai Hang neighborhood.
Georgia Hopkins in Milan.
A favorite Milanese cafe.

Global Entry

by C California Style

After graduating from “uni,” Georgia Hopkins did what most Australians do:

She traveled the world with friends. Three years ago, she moved to Santa Barbara—where she also runs coffee business House of Card—and earlier this year launched the blog It’s Beautiful Here. The refined digital travelogue follows the curious jet-setter from Hamburg to Hong Kong and offers a spotlight series in which sophisticated locals divulge their favorite haunts. Hopkins is behind all of the original photography; through her lens it’s beautiful just about everywhere. itsbeautifulhere.com.

Written by Lindsay Kindelon and Kelsey McKinnon.