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“We met this man with his dog, our companions for a short time during the trip, at a gas station on their way back to California from a festival in Costa Rica. They were so in sync, you could feel that they have been through a lot together.”
“Our friend strapped a mattress, which had been his bed for the last nine months, to the top of the Land Cruiser. We drove on this beach for about 30 minutes. It was such a wonderful experience to drive so close to the shore in total freedom.”
“When I saw the contrast of these two beautiful beasts, I couldn’t resist taking the photo. They are so different, but do the same thing.”
“This is a picture of me taken by my traveling companion, Paije Renee. We would drive for long periods of time, so any occasion to relax and do some yoga was good for me.”
“This was taken at the very beginning of the trip. As you can see, Paije and I are very comfortable together. We did a whole series of her sitting there—the Tecate sign is such a classic.”
“I have surfed in many places around the world and I have never seen such a great wave with so few people in the water. We were in a state of bliss because it is so rare to be alone on such a wave.”

The Road to Baja

by C California Style

Photographer Gianluca Fellini hits the Southern Peninsula for the ultimate surf escape

Gianluca Fellini never stays in one place for long—over the past year, the photographer has drifted between Oman, Dubai, New York, Italy, Ibiza, the Caribbean, Paris and back to Italy again. But a recent trip to Baja California Sur left a lasting impression. The journey was set in motion following a powerful experience swimming with whales in Hawaii in 2014; afterward, Fellini set his sights on a famous lagoon on the Baja peninsula called Guerrero Negro, where he hoped to see them again. He packed up a car, enlisted an old friend to join him and set off from L.A. But they were too late. The whales had left a day or two before they arrived. After spending the night with locals who own a seashell farm, the pair drove south the next morning with no destination, no timeline, no agenda, no map—just two free spirits on an impromptu adventure. Each day, Fellini made tortillas with banana for breakfast (swapping out bananas for avocados at lunch and dinner). Along empty beaches with sculpted dunes, they’d surf for a few hours and sleep in the back of the car, rarely encountering anyone else, save for a few fellow nomads. “The beauty of this desert is the silence that we rarely get to experience in life,” says Fellini. “It’s very humbling and it was exactly what I was looking for.” 

Photography by GIANLUCA FELLINI.


This article originally appeared in the Summer 2017 issue of C Magazine.