5 Power Workouts to Get You Summer-Ready — in 30 Minutes or Less

The perfect prelude to summer — a new wave of power workouts



Demand for flexible, on-the-go workouts has resulted in numerous boutique classes, streaming sessions and other at-home options that use algorithms and cutting-edge technology to focus on shorter workouts for the utmost impact. Here, studios and alluring at-home devices that make it easier than ever to get great results while spending less time exercising.

Mirror looks like an attractive, full-length house mirror but in fact is a high-tech, immersive, studio experience for the home. Once activated, the built-in screen projects your trainer of choice along with your reflection, mirroring an actual class. Whether you prefer on-demand or streaming, the 15- to 60-minute workouts offer training options for cardio, strength, HIIT, boxing, yoga, dance and others. Most recently, the brand announced a content partnership with Tracy Anderson, the star trainer behind the bodies of Gwyneth Paltrow, Victoria Beckham and Tracee Ellis Ross, who developed four 30-minute classes exclusively for Mirror. $1,495 plus $39 monthly subscription.


Ritual Gym’s 20-minute sessions approach the body as a machine, sans machine. Utilizing free weights and bodyweight movements, the class optimizes the workout with its HIIT philosophy of short energy bursts for maximum results in minimum time — because doing everything at once builds muscle and elevates your heart rate. Worldwide locations now include Santa Monica, their first in the United States. Classes from $20.


Rise Nation’s 30-minute, zero-impact, momentum-neutral (you do all the work), high-intensity workout utilizes the VersaClimber cardio machine to work the upper and lower body simultaneously. This HIIT-paced class (high energy for one song, followed by a recovery period), which has playlists to rival any nightclub and to keep you going, challenges even the fittest among us. $26 per class.

Tonal brings the versatility of an entire gym plus the individual attention of a personal trainer to your home on demand. Unlike other high-tech home systems, Tonal uses artificial intelligence–driven strength training. Capable of adapting in real time, it adjusts resistance while you lift (to ensure efficient workouts) and measures and records reps, sets, power and range of motion so you can track your progress. Workouts are available in 15- to 60-minute-plus sessions. $2,995 plus $49 monthly subscription.


Lagree Fitness is famous for its 25-minute workouts on Supraformer, a proprietary, souped-up Pilates machine. High-intensity but low-impact, the Supraformer engages all three planes of motion, stimulating every muscle while emphasizing resistance, range-of-motion, tempo, time and form. There’s no cardio involved, but transitioning from one, super-slow exercise to another gets your heart rate pumping and your sweat dripping before the short class is over. $18 per two classes.


Feature image: Sweating it out at RITUAL GYM.


This story originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of C Magazine.

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