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In Full Fig
Formula Fig founder JJ Walsh chose Los Angeles, which she calls “the wellness capital of the world,” to debut her Canadian chain of experiential, design-driven one-stop shops for high-tech facials, injectables and skincare products stateside. Known for her signature color palette of greens and pinks, Walsh, a former fashion editor, drew inspiration for this location from old Hollywood art deco architecture, and combined it with sleek, geometric forms made from industrial and luxurious materials. “All our Fig Bars are anchored by central, multi-use islands,” she explains. “In WeHo, it’s 12 feet of honed, faceted green marble around which you can try products, learn about treatments and host skincare master classes.” The space will offer a menu of treatments and injections delivered by medical pros and visiting industry experts. You can also shop brands including Asystem, Epi.logic and Tronque. 926 N. Sycamore Ave., West Hollywood, 888-477-6199; formulafig.com

All Riled Up
“Going to war with your face is so ’80s—inexplicably, young teens are still being told to get scrubbing,” says C beauty director Kelly Atterton, who founded Rile, a genderless personal care brand, as an antidote to the cartoonish and dated choices regularly marketed to teens and in-betweens. “There’s a jump from baby to acne products, when most young teens just need to get into the habit of gently cleaning their face and body,” explains Atterton, who employs a team of young adults, because she believes that message is best delivered by other teens and not parents. Launching in March, the range includes five gentle products formulated for adolescents: cleanser, hydrator, deodorant, lip balm and foaming micellar water. rile.co. A.J.B.


Rationale Decision
“Eighty percent of facial aging is caused by the sun, and Angelenos, like many Australians, experience some of the highest levels of sun damage in the world,” says Richard Parker, founder of the Melbourne-based skincare brand Rationale. Known as a world leader in researching and developing groundbreaking formulations that prevent and repair skin photodamage, the 30-year-old brand recently opened its first U.S. flagship clinic on Melrose Place. In addition to carrying Rationale’s renowned Essential Six skincare collection, the clinic offers in-depth skin consultations and an array of facial treatments, including its not-to-be-missed four-handed Melrose Signature Facial. 8441 Melrose Place, L.A., 323-210-3543; us.rationale.com.


State of Calm
“Most of my life I’ve suffered from chronic eczema,” shares branding expert Pete White, who has spent decades bringing brands like Shani Darden to life. Now White is debuting a product he’s been perfecting for over 25 years. “The first meaningful relief I experienced was from traditional herbal remedies, which inspired my journey to create Herbitual,” he says. White experimented with herbal combinations, traveled the world consulting practitioners, and even tried to formulate a homemade cream. Eventually, he was able to pinpoint an optimal balance between centuries-old herbal traditions and the latest in skin science. He says, “Our first product, Herbitual Atopic Skin Defense, is an intensely moisturizing skin protectant cream fortified with our proprietary blend of ancient botanicals, combined with a highly moisturizing, FDA-approved skin protectant, ensuring the potency of the herbs while they bolster the skin barrier.” It’s great way to calm sensitive skin and achieve a state of skin zen. myherbitual.com.


Overnight Sensation
Resolved to launch product only when they have something innovative to offer, Marin County-based skincare specialists Kristina Holey and Marie Veronique are not afraid to spend years in research and development. The pair challenged themselves to “rethink how to deliver retinol effectively and safely so that more people could benefit from its superpowers without experiencing its drawbacks,” says Holey. The result? Multi-Retinol Night Emulsion, a research-backed, highly effective, microbiome-friendly alternative to prescription retinoids. Holey and Veronique’s unique take—a synergistic approach to skin health combining three retinoid actives: encapsulated retinol, retinyl sunflowerseedate and bakuchiol—offers intense corrective action in a rich, creamy texture. marieveronique.com.


Feature image: The green marble interior of Formula Fig in West Hollywood. PHOTO: Kiara Schwartz.


These articles originally appeared in the Spring 2023 issue of C Magazine.

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