CBD Products to Boost Your Skincare, Sleep and Workouts

From serums and tinctures to salves and strips, here are CBD-infused formulas for your wellness arsenal




Saint Jane Luxury Beauty Serum
More than 20 antioxidant-rich ingredients, infused with 500 mg of full-spectrum CBD, make up this healing serum by Saint Jane Beauty that boosts skin’s natural radiance. $125, Sephora.

Beboe Therapies High-Potency CBD Sheet Mask
Soaked in plant extract AHAs, vitamins, algae extract and over 50 mg of CBD, each sheet by Beboe Therapies works on a cellular level to moisturize and brighten the skin. $78, Barneys.

Lab to Beauty Ultra Lush Body Butter
Plumped up with CBD, aloe vera, vitamin C and shea butter, this mega-moisturizer with hyaluronic hydration from Lab to Beauty is the secret to luminous skin. $50, Barneys.

Flora + Bast Age Adapting Facial Serum
Boosted by CBD and chock-full of phytocannabinoids, terpenes, flavonoids and fatty acids (and free of water, preservatives or fillers), this formula by Flora + Bast balances your endocannabinoid system so your skin can repair itself naturally. $77, Flora + Bast.



Bamford B Silent Nighttime Temple Balm
Sleep peacefully and wake up restored with Bamford’s mix of organic poppy seed oils, cannabis sativa hemp seed oil and organic chamomile. $42, Ranch at the Pier Malibu.

Prismatic Plants Good Night Sleep Tincture
Prismatic Plants’ Good Night formula is an adaptogenic blend of CBD, CBN, medicinal mushrooms and organic herbs to promote restorative sleep that leaves you feeling totally refreshed and in no way groggy in the a.m., and over time it may even improve your mood and immunity. For good vibes during waking hours, try the brand’s Good Day formula. $70, Prismatic Plants.

Kin Slips Shut Eye Sublingual Strips
Place a Kin Slips strip under your tongue at night and in about 10 minutes you’ll feel the formula’s pleasant effects. Expertly balanced with 5 mg CBN and 5 mg CBD plus hints of mint and chamomile, a dose will help you sleep through the night so when you awake, you feel alert and ready to take on the day. $60/10 slips, MedMen.

Feals CBD Extract + MCT Oil Blend
Feals offers its unique combination of premium CBD extract and MCT oil (containing less than 0.3 percent THC) in three strengths — 600 mg; 1,200 mg; or 2,400 mg — so you can zero in on the dose that best helps you to reduce anxiety and improve your sleep. $75-$245 or $20 for a flight of sample sizes. Become a member to receive a discount on automatic monthly deliveries. Feals.



Vertly Hemp CBD Infused Bath Salts
Featuring minerals, botanical infusions and cannabinoids, these salts by Vertly calm the mind and body, soothe muscles and stimulate circulation. $29, barneys.com.

Lord Jones Royal Oil
Grapeseed oil and 1,000 mg of broad-spectrum CBD are the only two ingredients in this all-purpose supplement that can be used as a topical, a tincture or a beverage booster. $100, Lord Jones.

Prima The Daily Hemp Wellness Softgels
Plump full of hemp-derived CBD, these low-dose softgels are designed to help support healthy sleep, immunity, recovery and mood. $45, Prima.

Juna Nude Daily Hemp CBD Drops
When taken daily, this antioxidant- and phytocannabinoid-rich hemp oil activates receptors to release stress and reduce inflammation. $75, Juna.

Beam The Fixer CBD Salve
Wave goodbye to sore and inflamed muscles, which have met their match in this CBD-infused solution. Developed by two triathletes, this salve also includes lavender oil and rejuvenating eucalyptus to ease aches and pains. $60, Beam.

Mineral Maison for Recovery Salve
Soothe stressed skin and muscle inflammation with this cannabinoid and terpene blend formulated with 300 mg of hemp extract and featuring notes of California sage, sandalwood and fresh mint. $70, Mineral.


Feature image: BEBOE THERAPIES’ anti-inflammatory high-potency CBD serum, $148.


This story originally appeared in the September 2019 issue of C Magazine and has been updated as of Aug. 28, 2019.

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