The New Way to Indulge On 4/20

To be blunt: Cannabis is having a moment. So, apply a patch, experiment with topicals or simply light up. Here’s how a few of our friends partake, no matter what day — or time of day — it is



Stick It to Me

“My current go-to is the Life Elements CBD & Honey Everyday Skin Repair stick. Not only is it really versatile (I use it as a lip balm, as relief for dry hands, under my eyes in the morning), but it’s incredibly soothing and moisturizing. Plus, it smells great. Every batch is handmade by the founder, who grew up foraging with her grandfather for medicinal plants and herbs that her grandmother would turn into tinctures and salves.”  — Ashley Lewis, co-founder, Fleur Marche


Calm Down

“I’m really into patches right now. This Calm Patch from The Good Patch is heavy in my rotation. It’s a very steady and controlled way to consume CBD, has lasting effects, and almost all of the CBD is absorbed into your bloodstream this way.” — Meredith Schroeder, co-founder, Fleur Marche


Moisture Unlock

“Infused with CBD and manuka honey, Cannuka’s CBD Healing Skin Balm is the ultimate solve for a natural glow. Coming off of a very dry winter, it leaves my skin feeling softer and healthier. I stash it in my bag so it’s never too far out of reach.” — Jacquie Aiche, jewelry designer


In the Red

“I’ve suffered with psoriasis for the better part of my life and I’ve tried endless treatments for it, from topical steroid creams to light treatments and injectables. Frankly, none of that worked, and on top of that, I was not cool with putting crap in and on my body that suppressed my immune system. When I heard of the promising results around cannabis for psoriasis, I gave it a try and ever since, I’ve been using CBD topicals. I’m currently using Dr. Kerklaan’s CBD Skin Cream.” — Kate Miller, co-founder, Miss Grass


Quick Recovery

“I think of CBD like a vitamin that I incorporate into my daily wellness and beauty routine. My new go-to is our Vertly Workout Recovery Spray — it’s infused with CBD, botanicals, aloe vera and minerals. It’s rejuvenating and plant healing, plus the peppermint menthol gives a little extra kick for my sore spots after Pilates. Now I find myself spraying my tired feet and sore back throughout the day — because chasing my toddlers around is more exhausting than any workout.” — Claudia Mata, co-founder, Vertly


Drop, Drop

“Wherever I go, my Plant People Drops go with me. I take half a dropper when I’m feeling stressed or anxious to calm my brain while allowing my creative thoughts to flow. In the evening, I take a full dropper to relax my body and help reduce any inflammation from the day.” — Rachel Krupa, founder, Krupa Consulting, and owner, The Goods Mart


Spark Joy

“I’ve been really enjoying using our Sunday Goods Spark pen. It’s a 3:1 CBD to THC ratio. I find that having a small amount of THC amplifies the effects of the CBD. It allows me to focus and get things done while being pretty happy while I’m doing it.” — Yoram Heller, co-founder, Sunday Goods



Little Ritual

“So many companies are making CBD products right now that it’s hard to know what works, how and why — even I get confused, and I work in the industry. Juna’s Nude hemp CBD tincture is a direct-acting drop that I can put under my tongue in the morning when I know it’s going to be a stressful day. And considering that I run both Tetra and Sight Unseen, this happens more often than I’d like. Fortunately, these actually taste good, so I look forward to it as a little ritual I do for myself every once in a while.” — Monica Khemsurov, co-founder, Tetra


Get Some Z’s

“I swear by Kana Skincare’s Lavender Sleeping Mask. I use it once or twice a week as the last step before I go to bed, and it completely resets whatever havoc my total lack of work-life balance has wreaked on my face. Plus, it smells delicious. I imagine it will be even more lovely in the summer, when I plan on storing it in the fridge and apply it to my skin when it’s nice and cool.” — Verena von Pfetten, co-founder of Gossamer, which just launched, Dusk, their own CBD tincture


April 19, 2019

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