Red Gold: 6 Beauty Products Harnessing the Powers of Saffron

Get to know the industry’s latest “it” ingredient



The world’s most expensive and precious spice is now lending its powers to a multitude of wellness products — find it in everything from supplements to beverages to face masks. Here, we share the handful at the top of our go-to list.


SAFFORIA Bliss Royale Euphoric Detox, $60/case of 6. PRATIMA Saffron Eye Ghee, $40.

Safforia Bliss Royale Euphoric Detox
A 4-ounce saffron lemonade elixir rooted in ancient medicine but created for a modern lifestyle. Drink it to detox, enhance workouts and decrease inflammation postexercise.

Pratima Saffron Eye Ghee
This ayurvedic therapy attacks fine lines and dark circles with nutrient-rich ghee, while antibacterial saffron increases circulation and reduces hyper-pigmentation.


THE FULLEST Saffron Latte, $64/7 oz. SISLEY PARIS Velvet Sleeping Mask With Saffron Flowers, $140.

The Fullest Saffron Latte
Formulated with a medicinal dose of saffron (long believed to help fight depression and anxiety) combined with coconut milk powder, this drink mix allows for optimal absorption of the spice’s mood-lifting benefits.

Sisley Paris Velvet Sleeping Mask With Saffron Flowers
A blend of macadamia oil, kokum butter and Japanese lilyturf extract nourishes and softens while saffron flower extract comforts and soothes dry skin during the restorative nighttime hours.


SHIVA ROSE Saffron Rose Facial Scrub, $50. HOUSE OF M BEAUTY Exotic Botanical Miracle Serum, $70.

Shiva Rose Saffron Rose Facial Scrub
Saffron is added to this mix of chickpea flour, blended with sandalwood, coconut milk and orange peel powders to polish the skin, reduce inflammation and improve texture.

House of M Beauty Exotic Botanical Miracle Serum
This powerhouse vegan serum, packed with vitamin C, squalane, neroli and rose oils, and blended with a high dose of saffron, promises brighter skin, reduced inflammation and pollution protection.


Feature image: Photo by Mohammad Amiri/Unsplash.


This story originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of C Magazine.

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