Soul-Nourishing Exercises to Create Positive Change in Your Life

Resolve to evolve with small actions that can yield big results over time




Get Grounded

Jacqueline Smith-Leonardini and Kasey Crown, founders of WellSoul, believe how we deal with past trauma determines our future success. Their credo: “Becoming the best version of ourselves takes work and daily practice. Healing underlying trauma is our primary objective,” Crown says. WellSoul teaches meditative and energy-healing exercises, such as a two-minute practice in which you sit, eyes closed, and take several cleansing breaths. You’ll visualize your connection to the earth and tap into “the supreme universal energy that surrounds us all,” Crown says. It’s an easy way to create meaningful change in your life in just a few minutes each day. Next workshop held Feb. 21-23, Ojai Valley Inn.


Writing Relief

“Our digital sponges are so full, and journaling provides a way to wring it all out,” says L.A.’s AllSwell Creative founder Laura Rubin. “Journaling connects us to our internal voice — no judgment, no ‘likes,’” she says. A 2007 study out of UCLA confirms that putting feelings into words produces therapeutic effects. So grab a notebook and get writing. Rubin’s recommendation? “Four by four by four: Journal four minutes a day, four days a week, and aim to stick with it for four weeks straight. Fall off the wagon? Don’t beat yourself up. Journaling guilt is not necessary. Just open up your notebook and try again.”


Morning Mantras

Los Angeles-based life coach and spiritual consultant Ryan Weiss knows it’s all about intent. According to him, our first moments each morning “set the tone for the rest of the day” as well as our lives. His fundamental message? “Meditate to recharge. Practice gratitude. Do the hard stuff first — get it off your list. Serve someone else (take the focus off yourself daily). Forgive — remember, hurt people hurt people.” Most importantly, he believes in developing a daily practice of introspection. “A morning meditation and an early evening bath are my favorites,” he says.


Feature image: The OJAI VALLEY INN.


This story originally appeared in the December 2019 issue of C Magazine.

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