The Best California-Made Products to Buy Right Now

From a nourishing body cream to a candle that evokes a walk on the beach, here are Studio C’s new arrivals



Since the novel coronavirus has forced us to shelter in place, it’s provoked a range of emotions, from feelings of solidarity to fears for the medical professionals and the future. But like you, we’re doing everything we can to stay positive, be of service and, of course, focus on our own well-being.

So, if you’re missing luxuries like the spa, try the lavender-scented scrub by Long Beach-based Muse Bath Apothecary, followed by a generous application of body cream by SoCal-founded wellness company Nature of Things. Discover a different era in Brad Elterman’s book Like It Was Yesterday, a collection of his gritty images that document the unadulterated 1970s Hollywood lifestyle. And of course, bring the scent of the California sea breeze indoors with our brand-new Dune candle formulated in Santa Monica.

Here are our favorite newly released Studio C products that are providing us with comfort right now.


TEMBO 9 Thread bracelet, $900. HEIR ATELIER Makeup Primer Trio, $96. Like It Was Yesterday, $300, by BRAD ELTERMAN.


Silver Linings
Made in Downtown L.A., Tembo designs its jewelry with conservation in mind. With 10 percent of the proceeds from every sale going to organizations dedicated to the protection of animals and preservation of habitats in Kenya, jewelry shopping has never felt this good. Lately, we can’t take off our 9 Thread bracelet by Tembo. Styled after the elephant hair bracelets popular in the ’70s, the style is subtle and sophisticated yet chunky enough to wear by itself or in a stack.

Prime Time
We’re always chasing a California glow: that natural look of healthy, hydrated, flawless skin with as little discernible makeup as possible. So our routine starts with the very best foundation, Heir Atelier’s lightweight primers. Founded by pro makeup artist Kendra Richards whose years of experience informs the product range which smooths out your skin tone keeping makeup place without any masking, spackling or clogging of pores. Opt for the makeup primer trio by Heir Atelier, which includes the face, eye and lip primers, each readying its designated spot for a touch of makeup with a generous dose of hydration.

Party Rock
Remember parties? Since it’s unclear when we’ll once again be able to congregate in large groups, Like It Was Yesterday by Brad Elterman is a collection of avant-garde celebrity and party photographs from the 1970s proves to be the perfect escape, a glimpse into a gloriously rowdier past. Born and raised in California, photographer Elterman made a name for himself documenting the rock ‘n’ roll lifestyle in Hollywood. From Gene Simmons and Brooke Shields at a Beverly Hills bash or Joan Jett eating fries on the Santa Monica Pier, this book’s pictorial gems shine, featuring celebrities and musicians living their most carefree lives in the City of Angels.


NATURE OF THINGS Nourishing body cream, $90. STUDIO C Dune candle, $49. MUSE BATH APOTHECARY Yoga Ritual mist, $28.


Au Naturel
New to Studio C, this SoCal-based brand offers a range of wellness products rooted in the belief that health equals harmony of the mind, body and natural world. Featuring ingredients derived from plants and minerals, the formulas seriously elevate any bath or body ritual. Start with the Nourishing body cream by Nature of Things, which features a moisture-rich formula with a perfect medium-to-thick, whipped consistency that spreads easily, absorbs quickly and possesses a subtle citrus scent.

Burn Bright
Our first scented candle is utterly intoxicating, and we already know it will be a mainstay in our collection for years to come. The Dune Candle by Studio C features heady notes of chalk and leather to ground the fragrance, while the earthy driftwood and salty minerals evoke a rich sea breeze, making any home smell like a beach house.

Spray It Loud
Home workouts have never been more popular, which means our yoga mats have been getting a lot more attention these days. But the more we sweat, the more bacteria we create. This spray is just what you need to keep that foam looking fresh. Free from harsh chemicals, parabens and EDTA, the Yoga Ritual mist by Muse Bath Apothecary uses proprietary enzymes to break down and clear out stains, dirt, body oil, makeup and perspiration; while the infusion of eucalyptus, mint essential oil imparts a therapeutic aroma to leave your mat thoroughly cleansed and ready for downward dog.


JILLIAN DEMPSEY gold sculpting bar, $195. KELSEN shampoo and body wash 2-in-1, $26. At Some Point Along the Way, $250, by KURT ISWARIENKO.


Golden Touch
This one happens to be one of our bestsellers, so it’s more of a restock than a recent arrival. The gold sculpting bar by Jillian Dempsey is a cult favorite vibrating tool to tone, lift and contour, leaving your skin taut and you thoroughly relaxed. Studio C shoppers snatched up our first batch within just weeks after they launched on the site, so don’t delay placing your order.

Surf and Go
If you’re wary of a two-in-one product, don’t be. The shampoo and body wash 2-in-1 by Kelsen is a microplastic-free formula made with clean, organic ingredients that doesn’t contaminate skin or the sea, and the mix of cedar and citrus results in a scent that’s redolent of a perfect day in California. The brand was founded by a great group of professional surfers and skaters who wanted products that suited their needs and daily visits to the beaches and skate parks.

Set the Scene
Over the past 20 years, Malibu-based lensman Kurt Iswarienko — known for his cinematic portraiture — has shot the likes of U2 and Lana Del Rey, not to mention C Magazine’s November 2019 cover star, Ana de Armas. A meditative collection of deserted landscapes, almost surreal in their stillness, At Some Point Along the Way by Kurt Iswarienko is his first book, now available on Studio C. Don’t wait to score a copy: the run is limited to just 200, each one signed by the photographer himself.


MUSE BATH APOTHECARY Body Ritual sugar scrub, $28. OSEA hyaluronic sea serum, $88. BIRTHSTONE SCENTS Emerald candle, $42.


Scrub Club
We are exfoliation aficionados and certified scrub addicts ourselves, so you can trust us when we say the Body Ritual sugar scrub by Muse Bath Apothecary is an absolute must. Finely grained sugar is luxuriously infused with organic, nutrient-rich coconut, eucalyptus and lavender oils, making for a spa-like experience that leaves your skin feeling radiantly soft and nourished. Founded by Long Beach native Kristen Flores, the California-based apothecary studio sources sustainably harvested botanicals, essential oils and the finest-quality minerals from around the world.

Pacific Power 
It’s no wonder the hyaluronic sea serum by OSEA is the Malibu-founded company’s hero product. The high-performance, fragrance-free concentrate increases facial volume and encourages brighter, firmer skin while visibly improving signs of aging. Get ready for a burst of hydration — this serum is formulated with three different seaweeds, each bringing a myriad of beneficial vitamins, minerals and antioxidants to your skin.

Get Personal
Meet our new go-to for all gifts. This California-made line of talisman fragrances was founded by two French friends who settled in L.A. Offering 12 scents in both perfume and candle form, each one is infused with a different gem corresponding to a full lunar cycle, such as the Emerald candle by Birthstone Scents, which celebrates those born in the month of May. All products use clean, recyclable and ethically sourced materials, so rest easy knowing you’re supporting a small business committed to making you and the planet we inhabit a safer place.


May 14, 2020

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