Zen Moment: Sophia Bush

The actor and activist shares how she recharges, including a face mask ritual and GST fitness classes for a stretch-strength combo



Sophia Bush knows the value of recharging. “I’m so over the ‘hustle always’ mentality. It breaks us down, causing depression and anxiety,” explains the actor, producer, entrepreneur and social activist. She just wrapped Surveillance, a pilot she acted in and produced, while continuing her role as a founding member of I Am a Voter, a group dedicated to turning out the vote.

To counteract her hectic pace, Bush schedules time for herself. “I try to take long baths (while SKII face masking — efficiency is important!), and treating myself to a lot more rest.” To keep her body well-tuned, Bush is hooked on GST classes, a unique style of stretching and strength training created by Anna Rahe. “Whether it’s a weekly class or a 10-minute meditation on airplanes, it counts,” Bush says. “Once we implement a few small ideas, the positive changes that come from those new practices can encourage us all to keep going.”


Feature image: SOPHIA BUSH. Photo courtesy of Sophia Bush.


This story originally appeared in the May 2019 issue of C Magazine.

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