ZEN MOMENT: Tiffany Haddish

Comedian, actor and author Tiffany Haddish, 41, on her favorite beach and one-meal-a-day raw food diet



Where do you live?
Los Angeles.

Where do you feel most zen?
I feel most zen while having sex.

Favorite hike?
I love Monrovia Falls but there was a fire not too long ago, so it’s been shut down. So I’ve been hiking in Mandeville Canyon. Those are my spiritual-journey days, when I don’t want to go back to the real world.

Favorite beach?
Redondo Beach, but sometimes there is too much traffic to get there! So I get up at 5 in the morning and I’ll go for a run there, and then just sit.

Favorite relaxing getaway?
What I like to do is tell everybody I’m going to Palm Springs or Vegas, but then I never actually leave my house.

Favorite health-food fix?
I make ginger-and-turmeric shots every day. I take the raw roots and blend them up with a little bit of coconut milk. It’s pulpy, it burns, it’s pretty disgusting.

Do you follow a diet?
I’ll eat one meal a day between 12 and 2 and it will be all raw foods. Doing this makes you shrink down real quick.

Favorite hotel?
Shutters on the Beach.

Favorite gym or class?
I literally go to YouTube and put in “5 minutes standing abs,” “5 minute booty busting,” “booty work,” “5 minute arms” — and that’s all I’ll do, 15 minutes total!

Favorite spa? Treatment?
I’m not really a big spa person. When I was homeless, I used to always go to Wi Spa. I’ll go there occasionally to sit in those saunas and reminisce.

Where do you take visiting friends?
I always take my friends to the Slauson swap meet, but they call it the Slauson Super Mall now. I’ve been going my whole life. Things have changed a lot in my community.

What’s in your cosmetics bag?
Right now, I’ve got a ChapStick, a gloss from Dose of Colors with a little shimmer in it, something from CoverGirl, a MAC gloss with a little tint and a KKW Beauty something. They’re in shades of nudes and plum, some with sparkle and shimmer.

Favorite skincare?
I use Tatcha camellia oil to remove my makeup and wash my face. Then I just apply extra-virgin coconut oil to my face and body. It’s also the only product that I use on my hair.

Favorite home items?
When I’m home, I like to smoke some weed, watch some TV and go to bed with my weighted blanket.

Favorite flowers?
Gerbera daisies and lilies.

What book are you reading?
PowerNomics by Dr. Claud Anderson.


Feature image: Matt Sayles.


This story originally appeared in the Fall 2021 issue of C Magazine.

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