C California Style

2015 Fall Wedding Resource Guide: Videographers

by C California Style

Creative Golden State filmmakers go beyond the handheld cam to capture today’s nuptials.

Belvedere Stories

The Cana Family
S.B., 805-704-6088; canafamily.com.

Couture Motion Pictures
L.A., 818-235-4585; couturemotionpictures.com.

Joel Serrato Films
S.B., 805-245-1489; joelserratofilms.com.

Lola Video

Lovespun Films
S.F., 916-747-7123; lovespunfilms.com.

Max and Molly Films
S.D., 858-472-3658; maxandmollyfilms.com.

Shark Pig
L.A., 323-300-6503; sharkpig.com.

Thomas Hughes Films
S.F., 415-257-2600; thomashughesfilms.com.