Celebrating Surf’s ’70s Heyday

Long before YouTube and Instagram, Jeff Divine’s images could capture mood, athleticism and cool in a single image



Surfer and photographer JEFF DIVINE at La Jolla Shores in 1970. Photo by Jon Foster.



HERBIE FLETCHER, GERRY LOPEZ and BARRY KANAIAUPUNI at Sunset Beach, Oahu, Hawaii, 1971. Photo by Jeff Divine.



BUTTONS KALUHIOKALANI at Velzyland, Oahu, Hawaii, 1974. Photo by Jeff Divine.



California Street in Ventura, 1972. Photo by Jeff Divine.



Pipeline, Oahu, Hawaii, in 1975. Photo by Jeff Divine.



Waimea Bay, Oahu, Hawaii, 1977. Photo by Jeff Divine.



WAYNE “RABBIT” BARTHOLOMEW on Ke Iki Road, Oahu, Hawaii, 1976. Photo by Jeff Divine.



ALLEN SARLO, GLEN KENNEDY and JOHN THORNTON in Malibu, 1971. Photo by Jeff Divine.



Sunset Beach, 1972. Photo by Jeff Divine.




Photos from Jeff Divine: ’70s Surf Photographs (T. Adler Books, $40), edited by Tom Adler and Evan Backes with a foreword by William Finnegan and photography by Jeff Divine.


Feature image: GERRY LOPEZ at Pipeline, Hawaii, 1975. Photo by Jeff Divine.


July 14, 2020

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