L.A. Brand Electric Human Is on a Mission to Spread Positivity

Send some TLC by way of the unique gifting company’s generous new initiative



As Covid-19 ravages the world, not everybody is fortunate enough to be sheltering at home with loved ones. But one Los Angeles-based brand is on a mission to make it easier to share much-needed sparks of joy from afar. Amanda Hayward’s unique gifting company, Electric Human — which stocks wearables, jewelry and other goods geared toward well-being — has started a free gift initiative with the intent to increase connection during this time of nationwide self-isolation.


Hayward explains that even before local movement restrictions went into place, she and her family chose to self-isolate at home in Bel Air. “I began feeling an incredible amount of empathy and sadness for people who were losing their jobs, standing in line at food depots to get meals for their family,” she explains. “I wished there was something I could do, as a person.”

She continues, “I just know what receiving a package from a friend means right now,” referring to the presents — a bottle of wine, candles, baskets of cookies — her friends and family have sent since going into self-isolation. The entrepreneur began thinking about her inventory. “I started looking at what I had that I could give away free of cost, so people could still share energy with others — send a little something to someone, or themselves, without feeling bad because they need to buy other resources.”


Her inventory includes items featured in Electric Human’s flagship product, The Box (sold via the brand’s website, and stocked by lifestyle company Free People and a handful of small local boutiques). A collection of what Hayward describes as “six energetic gifts,” The Box is intended to express love, understanding and gratitude to the recipient in a self-care package that includes a selenite crystal castle, felted soap bar, a Moonlight candle, palo santo sticks, and vials of Electric Human’s Relief oil and Infinite soak.

As of April 3, Hayward has been uploading several gifts daily at 10 a.m., such as the 4-inch-tall selenite crystal castles and bundles of palo santo, but also pins emblazoned with “So High” and a pair of embracing astronauts, copal incense and other items. Each customer can select and send one per day, paying only a nominal shipping and handling fee. “[Right now,] it’s humans over commerce,” she says.


Recognizing she doesn’t have infinite stock, Hayward has reached out to like-minded local brands, asking them to join the cause and spread messages of positivity. Moon Nectar Apothecary and UnitedOther are two that have jumped at the opportunity to share some light and “generosity of spirit,” as Hayward describes it.

Electric Human’s 2018 formation feels almost prescient considering the present cultural climate. “My entire business is grounded in love,” explains the founder, who began the company when she felt a strong need to let friends and family know how much they mattered to her, pouring her spirit into making energetic self-care packages she describes as futuristic and modern: “Like if Apple and the spiritual world had a baby.”


“The basis of the company is to share your feelings with people through a tangible gift, and let someone know you’re thinking of them,” says Hayward, who (along with her helpers) dons protective gear and lovingly wraps and handwrites notes bearing messages composed by the senders. “Sometimes receiving a gift is a game changer. It can shift your entire perspective for the day.”

Concerned about the impact on people’s emotional well-being the longer this period of self-isolation drags on, Hayward feels the free gift initiative is one worth sustaining and admits she’s already brainstorming ways to keep it going. “I’ve always wanted to be black and white and timeless,” she says of the brand’s minimalist aesthetic. “But right now, the world needs so much color.”


April 13, 2020

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