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by C California Style

Bay Area photographer Todd Hido charts a woman in all her mellifluous forms.

Brand-new gallery Casemore Kirkeby—the latest venture from Julie Casemore and gallerist Stefan Kirkeby, set to open soon in the Dogpatch area of San Francisco—chose Todd Hido for its first collaboration. Images of the fine-boned Khrystyna Kazakova—Oakland-based photographer Hido’s model and muse—are always archetypal and often feminine: the come-hither seductress, the fecund mother, the ’50s-era Holly Golightly. Nearly 25 of Hido’s archival photographs are on display via the gallery at Paris Photo Los Angeles at Paramount Pictures Studios early this month (May 1-3), alongside 264 other prestigious artists hailing from as far afield as Iran and Argentina.

The fact that Casemore and Kirkeby chose to begin their gallery of contemporary photographic practices with a Hido project is no accident. “Hido is at an exciting turning point in his career right now,” says gallery director Jennifer O’Keeffe. “Disparate elements of his work are coming together to form a greater narrative, one that is more personal and autobiographical in nature. His work with Khrystyna and her shifting personas—women who seem to be hybrids of fantasy and personal memory—represents one of these threads.” casemorekirkeby.com; toddhido.com.

Written and edited by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler.