Party On: Roger Vivier Makes Some Magic

The label unveiled its new heels and debuted the short film Abracashoes



With award season in full swing, the Chateau Marmont was the perfect backdrop for a slew of stars showing off their Roger Vivier heels on Thursday, Jan. 30. The likes of Susan Sarandon, Indya Moore and Gia Coppola gathered to celebrate the unveiling of the label’s new Belle Vivier style, as showcased in its just released short film, Abracashoes, by visionary creative director Gherardo Felloni and starring actors Dianna Agron and Christina Ricci.

A-listers have long been bewitched by Roger Vivier’s designs, which have graced the soles of everyone from Queen Elizabeth II to Catherine Deneuve, the latter of whom wore the Belle Vivier style in the 1967 film Belle de Jour. Another fan is Ricci — in attendance that evening — who flew to Milan to film the two-minute film with Agron over two days.

Guests such as Rainsford Qualley, Jaime King and AnnaSophia Robb mingled following the screening of the film, which is the third installment in Felloni’s film series, following Duo des Chats (starring Deneuve) and Jewels to Shoes (starring Sarandon and Robb) and was inspired by women who obsessively collect hundreds of Roger Vivier styles. To creatively interpret this phenomenon in Abracashoes, Ricci plays the role of a serial shoe thief. Disguising herself as a magician, she puts on a performance and invites a volunteer (Agron) from the audience to lie down in a box so she can “saw” her in half. The illusionist’s ultimate trick? Stealing Agron’s Belle Vivier heels.

After the film’s preview concluded — with everyone’s ensembles still intact, shoes and all — the brand welcomed everyone to dinner, where a sleek black top hat had been placed at each table setting, inviting guests to incorporate a little abracadabra into their own lives.















Feb. 3, 2020

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