C California Style

PHOTO: Peter Lindbergh
PHOTO: Gilles Bensimon/Trunk Archive
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The Whole Picture

by C California Style

It’s the stuff of modern legend:

A Midwestern girl-next-door and valedictorian turned supermodel fascinates the lens with her killer physique, joie de vivre and smoldering beauty. In Becoming (Rizzoli, $50), Cindy Crawford marks her 50th birthday with a book that traces her path to the top and dishes on such collaborators as Richard Avedon and Irving Penn. She pulls no punches, admitting, “I can’t say that every moment of working for Irving Penn was a lot of fun. More important than fun, every moment in front of his lens was a lesson.” Crawford’s takes on female empowerment, nudity and motherhood are also revealing. She’s honest about the challenges of aging and says that “at times the pressure to live up to the industry’s expectation feels overwhelming.” In the end, she emerges as an earnest achiever: “I’d love to tell that hardworking girl with her nose buried in a book that it is OK to live it up a little bit.”

Written and edited by Elizabeth Khuri Chandler.