Candles to Brighten Your Days at Home

Let these transportive scents change up your atmosphere indoors



We are all in search of something relaxing, calming and perhaps even meditative during these uncertain times, and candles have long been a universal pleasure and necessity, used to create atmosphere and ambience, to provide light where there is darkness, and to infuse moments with aromas that become tied to our memories.

While we are practicing social distancing on account of the Covid-19 pandemic and confined to our homes for more hours than usual during the day, candles can help transport our senses to other times and places. Whether fresh and earthy fragrances take you back to last summer’s beach getaway, or warm amber and cinnamon notes evoke a cozy night on the mountain, there is a scent for everyone, for any time, and for every day.

Here, we’ve compiled some of our favorites. Remember, there’s no wrong choice here. Light your candle, sit back and relax.


ACQUA DI PARMA Oh L’Amore candle, $72.
Black pepper, clove and opoponax.

ASTIER DE VILLATTE Paris Opera candle, $89.
Honey and sandalwood.

BOY SMELLS x KACEY MUSGRAVES Slow Burn candle, $39.
Incense, black pepper, elemi, guaiac, raspberry, tonka, amber and smoked papyrus.

BYREDO Bibliotheque candle, $85.
Woodsy, fruity and floral.

CLARE V. FOR ANTHROPOLOGIE A La Campagne candle, $28.
Sandalwood, cedar, tonka bean and golden amber.

COQUI COQUI Maderas candle, $75.

DEHV CANDLE CO. Rind candle, $38.
Citrus zest, vetiver, bergamot, peppercorn and orange blossom.

DIPTYQUE Geranium Rosa candle, $68.



FLAMINGO ESTATE ORGANICS Adriatic Muscatel Sage candle, $44.

FORNASETTI Rossetti candle, $365.
Jasmine, lily of the valley, sandalwood and tuberose.

GROUNDS & HOUNDS COFFEE CO. Affogato candle, $36.
Vanilla, cinnamon and clove.

HALCYON HOTEL Feel Good Romantic Dramady [Island] candle, $52.
Warm, sandy and sunny.

HOUSE OF KINGA Balsam candle, $240.

LE FEU DE L’EAU Le Feu Gris candle, $65.
Woods, musk, vetiver and incense.

LE LABO Anis 24 candle, $75.
Summer blends and pastis.



MAISON BALZAC Le Matin candle, $69.
Thyme, lemon and rosemary.

MAISON FRANCIS KURKDJIAN Les Tamaris candle, $85.
Everlasting, broom and acacias.

MAISON LOUIS MARIE No. 04 Bois de Balincourt, $34.
Sandalwood and cedarwood.

OTHERLAND Blue Jean Baby candle, $36.
Washed denim, white musk and mimosa flower.

P.F. CANDLE CO. Golden Hour candle, $25.
Bergamot, hay and golden poppy.

SKEEM DESIGN Waxing Moon Totem candle, $44.
Jasmine, sandalwood and amber.

THISWORKS Deep Sleep Heavenly candle, $46.
Lavender and camomile.

YEAR & DAY Moon candle, $60.
Rosemary, lavender, mint and moss.


Feature image: Candles by YEAR & DAY.


March 30, 2020

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