C California Style

Laurel Gallucci and her chocolate caramel layer cake, $74. PHOTO: Yayo Ahumada.
Vanilla coconut jam cake, $59. PHOTO: Yayo Ahumada.

Honest to Goodness

by C California Style

When Laurel Gallucci was struck with an autoimmune disorder two years ago, her prescribed elimination diet meant the end of her favorite indulgence: cake.

Or so she thought. As an antidote to her craving, she began baking delicious paleo desserts that caught the attention of friend Claire Thomas (of food blog The Kitchy Kitchen) and the two partnered to form Sweet Laurel, a freshly launched bakery that is completely grain-, dairy- and refined-sugar-free, but emphatically full of flavor.

The Venice-based duo’s offerings range from pantry items (jam, caramel, applesauce) to savory cookies and loaves to their prized layered confections. The pair, who host regular workshops, easily name a house specialty: “The jam cake is our favorite, because of the seasonality, and it’s the perfect canvas for organic flowers and herbs,” says Gallucci. “Sweet Laurel, for both of us, is about simplicity meeting beauty,” she adds. sweetlaurel.com.