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Sophie Turner.
Sophie Turner.

Brace for Change

by C California Style

Actor Sophie Turner designs a new Louis Vuitton Silver Lockit bracelet for UNICEF

In continuation of its #makeapromise campaign and partnership with UNICEF, Louis Vuitton has launched a new Silver Lockit bracelet, designed by English actor and Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner, to raise awareness and funds for children at risk around the globe.

Unveiled by the fashion house on November 20, World Children’s Day, the new bracelet features braided red and white cord, a circular charm bearing an illustration of a rabbit, and the iconic tumbler lock invented in 1890 by Georges Vuitton, the founder’s son, that includes the brand’s interlocking initials.

In creating the piece, Turner infused its design with symbolic elements and personal touches, such as the rabbit, which was inspired by one of her tattoos and is a figure that bears special meaning in many cultures.

“Red is considered a lucky color in China and white coincides with the circular charm of the bracelet: a rabbit,” explained Turner in a statement. “White rabbits and rabbit feet are considered lucky in many parts of the world.”

Of the bracelet’s $300 retail price, Louis Vuitton donates $100 to UNICEF, fulfilling the house’s promise to help protect children in the world’s most vulnerable situations. Since its debut in 2016, the Silver Lockit has raised more than $5 million to support UNICEF’s efforts, such as vaccination and food assistance programs, for child refugees and others in crisis.

“The bracelet is meant to hold luck for the people to whom the funds go to,” Turner said. “It’s about bringing people together from all over the world because UNICEF works worldwide and Louis Vuitton is all about travel.” 160 Louis Vuitton stores worldwide; louisvuitton.com.

Written by MARIE LOOK.