C California Style

Boats in Sant’Angelo harbor.
Claudia Aragon in Ravello, Italy.
A range of Cornetti styles.
Colorful leather swatches at the factory.

La Dolce Vita

by C California Style

“I became obsessed with handmade sandals made by ‘sandalifici,’ or small sandal shops, while living in Italy,”

says designer Claudia Aragon, who spent two years collecting footwear abroad before returning to Los Angeles to launch Cornetti sandals in 2012. Each of her leathered, colorful creations is handmade in Naples and named after a specific beach along the Italian coastline—plus they carry a little bit of luck (cornetti translates to “little bull horns,” an Italian symbol of good fortune). Having just returned from a summer holiday, Aragon shares her favorite haunts along the southern Italian coastline:

La Conca del Sogno, Recommone The “cove of dreams” is a wonderful restaurant, beach and bed-and-breakfast only accessed by boat.

Mckenzye in Reggio Calabria and Buonocore in Capri are the two most notable gelato shops.

Buganville, Panarea The merchandise here is quintessential Italian “island style”-— a lot of fine linens, silks and textiles in solid whites, bold prints and colorful patterns.

Therasia, Vulcano This resort and spa offers complete relaxation and an unparalleled panorama of the Aeolian Islands.

Li Galli Islands A small archipelago of three islands off the coast of Positano.

Cornetti sandals from $125. Available at Spindle & Canister; icornetti.com.

Written by Megan Meyer.