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GUCCI jacket, $4,980, and pants, $3,200. Necklace, Scott’s own. PHOTO: J.R. MANKOFF.

Photo Finish: Machineheart’s Frontwoman Hits a High Note

by C California Style

Electrified by Los Angeles, Stevie Scott riffs on her band’s new EP

“You’re digging up all the dirt,” Stevie Scott laughs when answering a question about her appearance on American Idol as a teenager, during her earliest days pursuing music in Hollywood. The 30-year-old Machineheart frontwoman adds, “It’s kind of hilarious. It’s like, ‘What was I thinking?’ But it’s a journey, you know?” A Northern California native, Scott eventually hooked up with current Machineheart bandmates Harrison Allen, Carman Kubanda and Jake Randle, all originally from Seattle, in 2015. “I was doing my own thing and getting kind of bored with it, to be honest, and a little lonely,” says the singer, whose personal influences include Fleetwood Mac and Kate Bush. “When the boys and I met, it was a real turning point for all of us.” From there, the Echo Park-based alternative/indie band—whose hypnotic synth-pop sound is in the vein of Halsey and Tove Lo—debuted their first EP, In Your Dreams, later that same year. Scott says Los Angeles has often provided inspiration when they’re writing. “This town is so electric,” she says. “We have a constant influx of creativity all around us.” Machineheart will release their sophomore EP, Cruel World, at the end of March. “Throughout the process of writing this album, we came to know ourselves a lot more as musicians and as friends. I hope that people hear that when they listen.” mchnheart.com


This article originally appeared in the March 2017 issue of C Magazine.