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by C California Style

“Masters of Sex” star Teddy Sears talks fashion protocol and hitting the road.

It’s a warm fall morning in Manhattan’s West Village and Teddy Sears, who portrays the playboy Dr. Austin Langham on Showtime’s hit period drama “Masters of Sex,” is sitting on a park bench trying to recover from his summer vacation. After driving a Harley-Davidson Ultra Limited motorcycle in an amfAR benefit ride spanning Milwaukee to New York City with his wife, actress Milissa Skoro (they married in October 2013), the couple headed to Maine for a few days. In short order, Sears started shooting a recurring guest spot in “Members Only,” a new ABC miniseries.

“After 1,500-plus miles on a bike, having an actual vacation seems great, but, in reality, we were road-weary and beaten up,” says Sears, 37. “In the future, we’ll make sure we have time to reboot.”

On the opposite end of the spectrum, but perhaps no less disorienting, New York Fashion Week has just kicked off and Sears is trying to figure out what to make of it. “I’m not really sure how I feel about actors going to fashion shows,” says Sears, who has guest starred in “American Horror Story” and “Mad Men.” “It’s very celeb to go, but this is the creative community. I’m really torn,” he confesses, then wonders aloud if he’s overthinking it.

Despite his professed ambivalence toward the fashion world, the dapper actor—who ironically also appeared as “Fashion Show Guy” in a 2001 episode of “Sex and the City”—occasionally finds himself a part of it. Last spring he attended the Armani runway presentation in Rome; he happened to be in Italy at the time, and had a relationship with the label, having acted in a short film for the brand years ago. Tom Ford is also on his radar since appearing in the designer’s stylish 2009 movie A Single Man. Sears couldn’t help but appreciate the wardrobe (he’s only human after all). “His clothes are just impeccable,” he says, before adding that even the finest sartorial temptations can’t sway his priorities. “I have not purchased a suit because I’m saving to buy a house.”

If you truly want to elicit fandom in Sears, look no further than the coast; he’s been living in the South Bay area of Los Angeles for the past nine years. After growing up in suburban Maryland (then attending college at the University of Maryland and the University of Virginia), he was desperate to be near the ocean. “I’m one of four kids and we all took to the water like ducks,” says the avid surfer of his family holidays by the shore. “The beach is my playground,” he says.

Luckily, his “on the clock” hours at the Sony lot in Culver City, where he tapes the critically adored show based on the lives of sex researchers William Masters and Virginia Johnson, are equally alluring. “We all feel like we’re supported creatively and not beholden to ratings,” says Sears. “I couldn’t have dreamed up anything better.”

By Deborah Schoeneman.
Photographed by The Collaborationist.
Fashion Editor: Annina Mislin.