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Rule Botania

by C California Style

For her collaboration with Moncler Genius, Simone Rocha finds inspiration in the world of gardening

In Partnership with Moncler

Tulle, taffeta and PVC coalesce for an airy springtime effect in 4 Moncler Simone Rocha, the label’s newly debuted collaboration with Simone Rocha. For her take on Moncler’s sophisticated lifestyle and sportswear-inspired styles (the brand is known for its luxury puffer and down coats), the award-winning Irish-born fashion designer explored the concept of the garden, infusing jackets, blousons, parkas and more with winks to the botanical theme.

Variations on the iconic Longue Saison duvet (a Moncler under-jacket) sport flaps, pearls, sequins and floral appliques, upping the feminine factor; meanwhile, Wellington boots with broderie anglaise cutouts and PVC trenches and aprons are for fashionably weathering the elements. Not to be overlooked are accessories such as floppy-brimmed hats, flower-shaped goggles and gardening gloves with lace cuffs. The palette of blacks and neutrals with red accents, used sparingly, serves as a counterweight to the collection’s more whimsical aspects, grounding the aesthetic of the stylized turn-of-the-century lady gardener.

Rocha’s collection is a continuation of Moncler Genius, an initiative that sees the style label interpreted by different creative minds and showcases unique takes on a visual narrative. Other collaborators have included fashion designer Craig Green, artist Michal Socha, and brands Noir Kei Ninomiya and Hiroshi Fujiwara. moncler.com.

Written by MARIE LOOK.