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Valleta in a Goodone sweater, $280.

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by C California Style

Amber Valletta curates a wide range of sustainable fashions for yoox.com—and it’s not at all crunchy.

Amber Valletta eats organic, drives electric and lives in a solar-paneled house in L.A., but when it came to her 25-year modeling career, she found few options that could reconcile her personal and professional values. “Some big labels are actually pretty sustainable because they make small, handmade batches. But when you look at certain designs you realize why they are inexpensive. Somebody is suffering or the planet is suffering.”

Partnering with Yooxygen, the eco-friendly arm of beloved internet retailer yoox.com, Valletta, 39, set out to create one-stop shopping for sustainable fashion. The Italian site has culled 200 items from approximately 20 different designers for fall—evening dresses from 100% NY, a company committed to zero waste; Vivienne Westwood bags made with recycled fabrics by a women’s co-op in Nairobi; conflict-free jewelry pieces from Melissa Joy Manning; and upcycled leather jackets and handbags from The Sway. “The brands are already socially responsible, so they might be transparent in their supply chain, using sustainable fabrics or committed to fair trade,” Valletta explains.

Available exclusively on yoox.com, the collection, Master & Muse (“a playful take on being your own master, your own muse, there’s strength in both,” she says), is the first glimpse of Valletta’s forthcoming lifestyle brand. “I think it’s important to show there’s a path to having products that are better made, and it doesn’t require we run around in dresses that look like burlap sacks,” notes the model/actress. “This is a movement that has legs. It’s not just a trend. It’s where business is going.” From $50; yoox.com.

Written by Molly Creeden
Edited by Kelsey McKinnon
Photographed by Craig McDean for yoox.com