C California Style

From left: Zoë Bleu Sidel: Chanel dress. Wolf Fleetwood-Ross: Marc Jacobs suit, $2,225, and sweater, $2,590.
Samantha Ressler: Bottega Veneta dress, $2,480.
Zoe Levin: Lanvin coat, Barneys New York.
Wolf Fleetwood-Ross: Louis Vuitton jacket, $2,790. Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt, $34, Macy's. Marc Jacobs pants.
Dominik Garcîa-Lorido: Vintage Gucci by Tom Ford coat.
Claudia Levy: Dolce & Gabbana dress, $2,995.
Grace Morton, Zoe Sidel.
Nathalie Love: Salvatore Ferragamo dress, $2,790.
Nicklas Stewart: Louis Vuitton jacket, $2,330, and trousers, $955. Gucci shirt, $380.
Z Berg: Saint Laurent by Heidi Slimane cape, $1,450, dress, $1,450 and slip.
ALEX OLSON: Burberry London suit, $1,695. Dior Homme shirt, $590. Marc Jacobs shoes, $695.
Charlie Eisner: Louis Vuitton parka, $4,200. Salvatore Ferragamo trousers, $1,390. Polo Ralph Lauren T-shirt, $34, Macy's.

The Kids Are Alright

by C California Style

Young, beautiful and undeniably cool—meet thirteen L.A. talents poised to make their mark

PROJECTS Appeared in Sofia Coppola’s The Bling Ring. WHAT’S NEXT Attending Sarah Lawrence College in N.Y. where I will be studying 13th and 14th century literature, theater, poetry and dance. LEGACY My mom [Rosanna Arquette] is an actress and my father [John Sidel] is in the music industry and restaurant business. I grew up between Big Sur and West Hollywood. DREAM JOB Owning my own antiques store.

CALLING The musician gene skipped my generation, but I discovered a passion for acting in 10th grade and transferred to LACHSA to concentrate on theater full time. I am currently going to Bard. LEGACY I come from a very musical and eccentric family. Both my grandfather [Mick Fleetwood] and father [Atticus Ross] are full-time musicians, and my grandmother [Jenny Boyd] and great aunt [Pattie Boyd] were both engrossed in the music scene in the 1960s. THE SPARK When I leave the cinema or gallery with something I didn’t have before, that feeling inspires me.

CURRENT PROJECT Making a Supreme skateboard video. MAGNETISM People who do multiple things. LEGACY My father [Steve] was a pro skateboarder in the late ’70s/early ’80s, was in punk bands—he would try anything that interested him. PASTIMES Skating, playing piano, photography and art.

IN THE WORKS I am the manager of a new restaurant group called the Amalur Project. We will be hosting several pop-up restaurants and private dinners throughout L.A. in the coming months (amalurproject.com). LEGACY My mom [Cheryl] is from San Diego, and my dad [Haim] was born in Egypt, though he and his family left for Israel when he was 12. We still have a lot of family in Israel, and we visit about once a year. DREAM JOB GM of the Los Angeles Lakers.

WHAT’S NEXT Appearing in Gia Coppola’s upcoming film Palo Alto. I’m in my sophomore year at LMU. HERO Philip Seymour Hoffman—he does it all. LEGACY My parents are both attorneys. I don’t know how I got into acting!

THE FUTURE Playing a supporting lead in Palo Alto. And I’m pursuing a degree in Nutritional Science to be a Registered Dietitian. My dream is to be a successful actress, but it’s always nice to have something to fall back on. LEGACY My dad [Miles] has been a talent manager for over 20 years and is the reason I got into acting. My mom [Leslie] is my best friend, as cliché as that may be. MUST-HAVE Love. Being able to look at someone and feel how much they love you. Just that energy. It’s so real and so pure. HIDDEN TALENT I make the greatest fat face of all time.

ON A ROLL I’ve been acting since I graduated from Brown. I co-created and starred in a web series called “LadyParts” that you can find on HelloGiggles.com, and I’m working on my first screenplay. WHAT’S NEXT You can catch me in Janusz Kamiński’s upcoming drama American Dream and getting my head crushed in Seth Rogen’s This is the End. LEGACY I’m a bit of an L.A. anomaly because my family isn’t in entertainment. DON’T TELL I secretly recorded a pop single that is a huge hit amongst my friends but will hopefully never see the light of day!

DREAM JOB I would love to write and direct. DOWN TIME I’m just trying to be creative before starting USC Film School this fall. So I’m watching a ton of movies and bringing my camera with me everywhere. LEGACY My dad [Peter] is retired, my brother Harry owns the Pink Taco, and my brother Matthew studies at NYU. HIDDEN TALENT Pee-wee Herman impersonations.

INSPIRATION George Clinton. LEGACY Grew up in Los Angeles in a free-spirited, neo-hippie family. My dad [Eric] was strict, and my mom [Lisa] was a fun-loving free-spirited black teenager trapped in a 50-year-old white woman’s body.

ABOUT ME I have roles in both Gia Coppola’s Palo Alto and a film called Me, written and directed by Susan Traylor and Jefery Levy. I was working for a month this summer filming an independent feature in upstate New York. I’m doing a Sam Shepard play in the fall. And I just started taking singing lessons. DREAM JOB High school cheerleader or country singer…I am obsessed with the show “Nashville.”

PROJECTS At a gallery in Hollywood, I just co-curated and showed with a group of artists from New York and Los Angeles in an exhibition called “Velcro Fly.” And I’m currently researching drive-through safaris. FOR ART’S SAKE Most of my work right now explores modern American folklore in the postnuclear era, the fear or paranoia behind it and the necessity of it. HIDDEN TALENT Fly fishing, strictly dry fly.

HEATING UP The second season of “Magic City” just finished airing on Starz and will hopefully return next summer for Season 3. I recently finished wrapping up the film Heat opposite Jason Statham (Stanley Tucci, Hope Davis, Milo Ventimiglia, Michael Angarano and Sofia Vergara are also in it). It is a remake of an ’80s film based off of a novel by William Goldman, who also wrote the screenplay. LEGACY Born in Miami and raised in L.A., my parents [Andy García and Marivi Lorido] were born in Cuba and came to Miami during the Cuban Revolution when they were kids. They’ve have been married for 31 years, so we’re a very tight-knit family. MAGNETISM Really talented people. Those who are making a difference in the world. Selflessly giving back. Kindness. Hard workers.

FLYING SOLO I started my old band, The Like, at 15, and after 10 years we took a hiatus, in which time I’ve put out a record with my other band JJAMZ with (Jason from Rilo Kiley/Bright Eyes, James from Maroon5, Alex from Phantom Planet, and solo artist Mike Runion). Currently, we’re writing a new record. I am also working on a solo record under my own name and playing solo shows for the first time in my usually-band-backed-life. LEGACY My father [Tony] is a producer and musician, my mother [Cary] is a pre-school teacher. I grew up surrounded by music and musicians. STRENGTH I’m blessed/plagued with an almost pathological sense of wonder and endless inspiration.

Edited by Jacqui Getty
Photographed by David Cameron