What Moms Really Want this Mother’s Day

Spoiler alert: It involves breakfast in bed, a little alone time — and maybe a quick trip to facialist Shani Darden




Founder of AKID, which is celebrating five years and launching an apparel line of gender neutral everyday basics (from sweatpants to T-shirts). Mom to Jasper (age 7), Stone (age 5) and Vincent (age 1)

Favorite Mother’s Day tradition: Sleeping in. Coffee in bed.

Best Mother’s Day on record: It’s simple, but I love homemade cards from my kids. Seeing how proud they are when they give them to me is everything.

On your wish list (hint, hint): A day with zero responsibility or accountability. Plus, a single Anita Ko arrow earring, and a Byredo candle.  

Go-to mom hack: Food prep! I always have chopped vegetables, cooked chicken and fruit in the fridge so I can easily throw together a lunch or dinner on the go that tastes good. And now I’m not stuck eating my kids’ chicken tenders on a nightly basis.



Founder of Parachute, which just tripled the size of its Rose Avenue flagship in Venice. Mom to Lou (4 months)

This is your first Mother’s Day (congrats!) — how will you spend the day?
I’ll be hiking in Malibu with my husband, Trevor, and daughter, Lou, along with our moms! We will all go out to brunch afterward. Both our families love the outdoors, and we like to spend time outside with Lou as much as possible. Being in nature is always inspiring and calming.

On your wish list (hint, hint): I’d love a facial at Osea – I always leave feeling so refreshed and my skin is glowing! I’ve been eyeing the Ariel Gordon “Name It” Necklace. It’s a beautiful piece, and I love that I can customize it to read “Lou.” I like the idea of keeping her close to me at all times.

Gift you’re giving: We just released our new Cloud Cotton Robe. It’s the ideal weight and comes in the most perfect shade of blush. I’ve been living in mine! My mom will definitely be getting one.

Biggest surprise about motherhood so far? I know everyone says it goes by fast, but I’m truly surprised by just how fast it’s all going. Watching her develop and learn about the world around her every day is amazing, but I wish it would slow down.

Go-to mom hack: Utilize your tribe! I’m getting more and more comfortable asking for help — I’m lucky to have grandparents who are eager to babysit and spend quality time with Lou. Moms don’t have to do it all, all the time.



Founder of Nyakio, a Los Angeles-based skincare brand inspired by Grieco’s Kenyan heritage, her travels and her family’s passed-down beauty secrets. Mom to Lulu (age 13) and Rocco (age 8)

Favorite Mother’s Day tradition: I started a fun Mother’s Day tradition with my girlfriends a couple of years ago. In the morning I love to have alone time with my husband and kids for brunch or breakfast in bed. Then in the afternoon, my girlfriends and I meet up for spa treatments, Champagne and appetizers. Our husbands are on full-time duty with the kids and often get together for pizza and a movie. It’s such an amazing and cherished time [that allows] my girlfriends and I to celebrate one another as moms. Too many moms work way too hard on Mother’s Day — it’s a day when we should be relaxing and celebrating ourselves.

On your wish list (hint, hint): A facial with my very favorite esthetician, Shani Darden; to have a special one-on-one workout with my dear friend and amazing trainer, Justine Kennedy; and to sleep in and lie in bed with my kiddos and husband and watch a movie together in the morning.

Biggest surprise about motherhood so far: How much our children actually teach us! My kids have shown me so much about the woman I truly hope to be, the examples I want to set and how I want to actually move the needle for change in this world. I’m deeply committed to do everything in my power to make this world safer, care for our planet and create as much joy as humanly possible. My kids have definitely inspired me to live my life this way.

Go-to mom hack: Self-care is paramount! I lead a very busy life as a mom, wife, friend and entrepreneur. My favorite way to treat myself is with my Nyakio skincare products. Every night I cleanse my skin and melt away makeup and impurities with our Nyakio Sweet Almond cleansing balm. Next, I apply a few drops of our Manketti & Mafura anti-aging oil, and then I add a layer of our Tamanu firming face balm to my face and neck. My skincare ritual is my way of giving myself love every single day.



Wine director for the Rustic Canyon restaurant group and co-owner of Esters Wine Shop & Bar, as well as the soon-to-be-open Birdie G’s with chef Jeremy Fox. Mom to Bo (age 3) and Quinn (5 months)

Favorite Mother’s Day tradition: Breakfast at Milo & Olive. It’s one of our favorites!

Favorite Mother’s Day memory: We spent the first Mother’s Day in the hospital when my son was just a few days old. My husband brought in dinner from Esters and we ate it in the lobby.

On your wish list (hint, hint): A massage. A good night’s sleep alone in a hotel. Bottle of Champagne Savart. An Ariel Gordon Imperial Disk pendant necklace.

Biggest surprise about motherhood so far: How much more I can do in a day. What in the world did I do with my time before? And also, this is cliche, but I would do anything for these kids.

Go-to mom hack: Looping the baby blanket through the pacifier. My 5-month-old can find it in his crib and put it back in his mouth — it’s a nighttime game changer!

Featured image: Nyakio Grieco with Lulu (age 13) and Rocco (age 8).

May 10, 2019

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