5 Supplement Superheroes for Total Wellness

New California-born concoctions for extra immunity and anti-stress support this season



DL.MD 13.5.1 multivitamin liquid daily supplement, $45.


DL.MD 13.5.1 Liquid Multivitamin
Dr. Lamees Hamdan — who divides her time between Los Angeles and Dubai — is the creator of Shiffa organic skincare and an authority on naturopathy and nutrition. In her new DL.MD liquid multivitamin, she’s created the ultimate daily supplement, incorporating everything you need and nothing more. Beyond the saturation of 13 critical vitamins, the berry-flavored potion stands out for its efficacy. People can only absorb 3 to 20 percent of the nutrients in pills and gummies, Hamdan explains. “My multivitamin? Think 98 percent — almost perfect, so you finally get what you ingested.” $45, DL.MD.

THE FULLEST saffron latte wellness powder, $64/7 oz. HUM Mighty Night vegan softgels, $40.


The Fullest Saffron Latte Wellness Powder
Saffron, the world’s most expensive spice, is a powerful antioxidant, anti-inflammatory and aphrodisiac; plus, it’s believed to reduce cravings, treat symptoms of depression and even help prevent Alzeheimer’s. While its roots can be traced back thousands of years — to the Persian Empire, Ancient Greece and beyond — many of us are just now getting acquainted with the staggering health benefits of this ingredient known as “red gold.” To that end, you need to know about the latest wellness offering from L.A.-based lifestyle website The Fullest: the Saffron Latte, a blend of Middle Eastern saffron, cardamom, and organic coconut milk and water powders intended to be mixed with steamed water and/or your choice of milk. The result is a potent, creamy elixir, one serving of which contains 150 milligrams of saffron — perfect to start your day or cap your night. $64/7 oz., The Fullest.

Hum Mighty Night Vegan Softgels

Fact: Nighttime is when our bodies really get to work repairing and recharging. Come October, the nutrition masterminds at L.A.’s Hum debut a formula designed to tap into that overnight opportunity in order to boost your cell renewal, hydrate your skin and improve your complexion’s texture and tone. Antioxidants in the softgel scavenge free radicals, while ceramides, CoQ10, valerian root (aka “nature’s Valium”) and ferulic acid conspire to improve your sleep quality. $40, Hum.


MIJA Superstar complete superfood supplement, $78. MOON JUICE Cosmic Gold adaptogenic golden milk powder, $40.


Mija Superstar Complete Superfood Supplement
Glowing skin and well-being begins in the gut, according to the gospel of SF-based nutritionist Sara​h ​Koszyk. To formulate her first supplement, Superstar, Koszyk combined pH-balancing herbs and 14 bioavailable superfoods including chaga mushroom, lucuma and golden berry, for a nutrient-dense powder blend that aids in anti-aging cell rejuvenation and stabilizing energy. $78, Mija.

Moon Juice Cosmic Gold Adaptogenic Golden Milk Powder

A new and magical elixir from Venice-based Moon Juice invites you to calm way down. Cosmic Gold fights stress with adaptogens (think reishi), warms with a blend of cardamom, ginger, black pepper and cinnamon, brings down inflammation thanks to turmeric and treats skin, hair and nails with vegan collagen. Meanwhile, stay tuned for the “berry unstressing drink” Magnesi-Om ($42), available later this month, which balances things out on a cellular level by easing irritability, fatigue and aches, with L-theanine enhancing alpha wave brain activity. Prepare to feel as cool as an organic cucumber. $40, Moon Juice.


Feature image: Photo by Michele Blackwell/Unsplash.

Sept. 17, 2019

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