Rock Solid: Crystal-Infused Beauty

On a quest for positive energy? Try these mood-boosting spa treatments and products for a high-vibrational shift



With crystals having a mainstream moment, it’s easier than ever to bring Mother Earth’s revitalizing vibes into your beauty rituals. Whether you’re a die-hard believer or a casual admirer, there’s really no downside to adding a little magic into the mix.


“Pink Himalayan quartz is the stone of the divine feminine and selenite protects and ushers in peace,” says Courtney Abbiati, co-founder of The Urban & The Mystic. The crystal intuitive also favors clear quartz. “[It’s] programmable: Set your intention for your … day with this crystal, and it will help you call in that vision.”

When incorporated as an ingredient in skincare, the minerals in crystals are said to physically enhance a product’s benefits and are beloved by devotees for their purported energizing virtues. Colleen McCann, a Los Angeles-based shamanic energy medicine practitioner and the author of Crystal RX, says, “Our ancestors intuitively knew crystals could bring about energetic shifts and changes, whether worn as adornment, kept in close proximity or used in ritual.”

From left: ANGELA CAGLIA vibrating rose quartz sculpting roller, $195. PINK LIGHT Midnight Dew nighttime repair serum, $120. HERBIVORE amethyst exfoliating body scrub, $44. JACQUIE AICHE Amazonite Gypsy face and body mist, $45.


Whole crystals, such as black tourmaline and lepidolite, are thought to help purify energy, keeping you calm and focused by ensuring your auric field is cleansed. Here, we share standout crystal-infused treatments to assist with your reset.

The rose quartz gem essence facial at Four Moons Spa in Encinitas aims to evoke unconditional love. Its unique facial begins with ingesting a few drops of their signature tincture Gem Essences: Deep-Love, featuring rose quartz massage throughout. Four Moons Spa, $160/75 min.

Andi Scarborough’s CrownWorks beauty ceremony treatment uses reiki, breath work, oracle cards, meditation and crystal combs to move stagnant energy down to the hair ends and out of your life forever. Andi Scarborough, $333/120 min.

From left: MAZZ HANNA smoky quartz infusion foot spray, $55. CROWNWORKS amethyst Lux crystal comb, $222. ODACITÉ aventurine Kiss lip serum, $48. SKINOWL white turquoise beauty wand, $42.


Make a house call appointment for a crystal healing manicure from healer and aromatherapist Mazz Hanna, which incorporates chakra alignment, rose quartz massage and Japanese-style gels with affixed crystals for a restorative wellness experience. Mazz Hanna $350/90 min.

A connective intuitive reading at Majorelle Spa in Santa Barbara releases old patterns, aligns chakras with aromatherapy roll-on crystal infusion and a relaxing body massage. Majorelle Spa, $285/90 min.


Feature image: Assorted crystal combs by CROWNWORKS.


This story originally appeared in the Fall/Winter 2019 issue of C Weddings.

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