Zen Moment: Erin Foster

The business-savvy creative shares her perfect morning routine, including one very special mat



Erin Foster is determined to save her sanity. A self-professed control freak, the actor, writer and producer also heads creative for Bumble and has a partnership with Mindbody, the fitness and wellness app. “I need to give each person or company I’m working with my full attention,” Foster explains. “When I can’t, I get stressed!”

To cope, she’s developed a morning routine: waking at 7 a.m. for coffee, music and emails. “It’s ‘me time,’” Foster shares. And she swears by her HealthyLine Taj mat, which she discovered at the Goop summit. “It’s covered in crushed amethyst, jade and tourmaline, which are the strongest negative ion stones. The mat heats up, and it has photon therapy, infrared therapy and PEMF therapy, which counteracts the electromagnetic field that’s been put into your body by cellphone use. It’s calming.”

Additionally, Foster drinks Moon Juice’s ashwagandha. “It’s loaded with adaptogens that stop your body from having cortisol overload.” When she’s not busy managing her intense work schedule, Foster has taken up another great de-stressor: cooking for her fiance, Simon Tikhman. Plus, she’s started weight training. “It’s given me definition in all the right places.”


Feature image: ERIN FOSTER.


This story originally appeared in the November 2019 issue of C Magazine.

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